Sam Hood’s Stolen Guitars.. Look out for them!!

Christchurch Rock Shop staff member Sam Hood had 10 guitars stolen. How about we all keep a an eye out for them.

Gibson L6 Deluxe – Late ‘70s, Maple, Blonde w/black pickguard & Dimarzio pickup in bridge position. Tone control turns a full 360 degrees & sits higher than volume control. Worn frets. Buckle scratches on back. Uncovered pickups. Faded & bent chrome tuners.

Gibson Les Paul Junior Doublecut – Cherry Red faded satin finish w/P90 pickups. Has small chips on headstock & scrape on left hand side of the top on the edge.

Epiphone Les Paul 1959 Standard – Cherry Sunburst, bent control knobs. Chrome hardware. S/N: F302623

Ibanez RG525 Roadstar – w/Floyd Rose, dark blue slightly sparkly, silver hardware. Various dings on top in particular.

Ibanez Artist Bass – Late ‘70s, dark brown sunburst. Various chips on body.

Harper 335 Gibson Style – Red sunburst, trapeze tailpiece & distinctive chip on back. No serial number. Gold hardware

Dean Vendetta 7 String – Natural finish. S/N: 007090324

Fender 1951 Precision Bass Reissue – Made in Japan, Butterscotch blonde. S/N: Q003584

Squier Bullet Silver Series – Made in Japan, brown sunburst, two humbuckers, Telecaster headstock. Early ‘80s.

None of the guitars have their respective cases, as they were not taken.

Contact: 0226347950 or Christchurch Rockshop (03) 377-3964.



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