Special Offer: Give the Gift of ( Learning How to Make) Music

In the past days I have been approached for guitar lessons by people  that have time on their hands during the summer holidays and want to learn some more guitar or that would normally not be able to fit in guitar lessons in their busy schedules.

If you know one of these and are thinking about gifts:
 a 4+1 voucher guitar lessons may just be the perfect gift.

Prices vary depending on the duration of the lessons:

  •  4+1 * 45 minutes $120  (4* $30 plus free fifth lesson –>
    $30 discount)
  • 4+1 * 60 minutes $150   (4*$40 plus free fifth lesson –>
    $40 discount)
  • 4+1 * 90 minutes $240  (4* $ 60 plus free fifth lesson –>
    $60 discount)
  • 4+1 *120 Minutes $300 (4* $80 plus free fifth lesson –>
    $80 discount)

You can download and print your gift voucher here >>> and contact me for booking in your lessons: 03 3424232 / 027 480 3371 or johnmusicnz@gmail.com. Please advise you are using a gift voucher.

Dave Dobbyn: The Songbook

Dave Dobbyn: The Songbook Today I picked up a copy of Dave Dobbyn, The Songbook: A collection of Dave Dobbyn songs in a hard cover book. But… not just the other songbook.

The Book is divided in two halves; the first half contains a short story detailing the background of each song from Dobbyn, along with photographs and the lyrics. The second half of the book holds the scores for piano and guitar for every song. Dave Dobbyn: The Songbook is a beautifiul and innovative songbook, and in its dedication to the actual music, a tribute to one of New Zealand’s best known artists.

More about it can be found by clicking on the picture.

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Who Needs Strings Anyway?

The latest found at Max Battaglia at Givingshape Design Studio. This design replaces strings with a multi-touch screen, allowing the user to adjust the number of “strings” and frets, as well as tuning and sound effects. A wireless command center that permits endless customization and infinite possibilities of expression.

Hyper Touch Guitar is a new way of thinking electric guitar making it fully customizable and adaptable to musician needs.
No more strings, but a multi-touch screen that allows infinite possibilities of expression through the perfect instrument customization.
Guitarist will be able to change as the number of strings, the number of frets, tuning, sound effects etc..
The guitar becomes a wireless command center in wich completely manage your music.
The design mantains the iconic shape of the standard electric guitar exalting and improving it.
Some controls (tone, volume and tremolo) are mantained for more rapid and intuitive use.

find more images and info here:
link 1
link 2

Hyper touch guitar is patent pending

More at http://www.givingshape.it/

Five Online Guitar Magazines

A new post at Renaissance Man Music

Five Online Guitar Magazines.

Autumn Leaves Pentatonics and Blues Scale Lesson

A new free guitar lesson was posted at Renaissance Man Music here >>>

It is on how you can use your good old minor pentatonic and blues scale a new life by using them to spice up your jazz improvisation over the jazz standard Autumn Leaves. I also suggest you read this lesson >>> which deals with the same subject in general terms. Or find the chord melody arrangement (beginner level) of the song here >>>

Have fun.