Sunrise in New Brighton

DSCF3077 by johndierckx
DSCF3077, a photo by johndierckx on Flickr.

What an amazing time I had shooting the sunrise at New Brighton beach with my son Tom, a skilled eight year old shooter himself. More at my Flickr photostream

Photo Journal: My Pic in the Star

Here my wife shows me the star of Friday 17 September 2010 telling me “look at that that looks like your picture.”


I grab the paper recognizing this picture all too well. Turn out that my wife sent it in and now it was there on the “In focus” page of the paper, subscript:

“Beach Landmark: John Dierckx of Russley, sent this photo of Shag Rock.”

A full sized version can be seen on my Flickr Photostream.

Love you darling.

My Flickr Photostream: Spring, Flowers and Trying Out the Digital Zoom

I am new to the photo thing and starting to get acquainted with the camera and all its functions. In the past weeks I have been trying out the digital zoom. That certainly opens up a new wealth of options, bit still learning and trying no to get seasick when looking to focus. I uploaded some of the results to my photostream on flickr.

Here are a few of my favorites, check out the others at

There were 52 uploads tonight, so don’t just hang around on the first page and let let me know what you think.

Flowers: they don’t stop amazing me. And now with Spring coming on, it is amazing to see what is happening. Time and time again I am marveled by the sheer beauty around me. What is even more amazing is that using a camera has brought back that child like experience of wonder and joy. It is as if the world is saying: look what you have been missing all these years, welcome back and enjoy.

New pics posted at

New pictures posted at

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