Discover who likes your posts (via News)

Very handy feature

Months ago we added the ability for readers to like your posts, and ever since thousands of people have been liking posts every day. But something was missing: there was no way for post authors to discover when someone liked something they'd written. Or even when someone new subscribed to the entire blog. Today, these problems have been solved:  We've added two new email notifications, one for likes and one for subscriptions. Post authors will re … Read More

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New Theme: Pilcrow (via News)

A very nice new wordpress theme.

New Theme: Pilcrow If you want a simple and clean blog theme that you can customize to suit your needs I think you’ll like the one we’re introducing today. It’s called Pilcrow. Pilcrow is an upgrade to the older PressRow theme we’ll begin phasing out next week. But Pilcrow isn’t just a simple replacement. We’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure it' … Read More

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Infinite Theme Styles with Custom CSS (via News)

Looking at the results I want to get my head around custom css. Open to any good tutorials.

Infinite Theme Styles with Custom CSS There are 100+ themes to choose from here at, and many of them have customizable backgrounds, menus, content layouts, and headers you can change yourself (like our new default theme Twenty Ten), and we have many more new themes planned. But you can also take your site's customization a step further and completely personalize any theme's stylesheet by changing fonts, colors, borders, backgrounds, and even the layout of the site using … Read More

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Photo Journal: Wild Flowers Stunning Views

As summer is progressing so is nature. The beauty of creation never stops to amaze me. Below some of the beautiful flowers and views when redoing the Taylors Mistake walk with my oldest son some days ago. What a beautiful time of the year and again the views blew me away.

What a majestic start of our walk looking out over the Banks Peninsula coastline and how amazing all available right on the outskirts of Christchurch.

And at the same time it is hard not to notice the details right under your nose such as the bees having a feeding frenzy in these blue flowers.

We found our nice little spot to have lunch again. This time with weather being much clearer than last time we were both blown away by what we were looking at while having lunch.

It most certainly was one of those amazing days where we were pleasantly surprised by all that was around us.

And all of a sudden around the corner the destination is in sight: Taylors Mistake and we plan to have a drink and another bite there.


More amazing nature after a little rest on the beach at Taylors Mistake.

And upon returning to the parking lot we look back one more time after a great walk together.

Announcement: Summer School for Guitar, Two Week Intensive Courses

This summer two intensive courses are planned for guitar players who want to take their playing further and set themselves up for breakthrough technical and musical development.

More at Renaissance Man Music >>>>

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mark Head of Fatherheart Ministries Speaks at Harmony Church

Hear MARK HEAD from Fatherheart Ministries in Taupo

(Lead by James & Denise Jordan)

10am this Sunday 14 November

@ Harmony Church, Oaklands School Auditorium, Halswell

Check out or email:


Mark was radically saved from the surf/drug culture in 1981.

For many years he was active in the church in evangelism and worship and also church planting in the UK

In 1994 he came into a revelation of the Love of the Father.

This life changing experience defined the direction of his life and he began ministering from this revelation soon after.

Mark spent several years serving in a healing ministry, before entering full time ministry as a Pastor in a multicultural Church in Auckland

He has been a Conference speaker both in NZ and overseas.

In 2008 he felt lead to join Fatherheart Ministries (lead by James & Denise Jordan) and moved with his family to Taupo NZ to focus on what he sees as his life calling.

Mark has been married to Nikki for more than 25 years and together they have 2 wonderful children Michael and Caitlin.

He still loves to surf!


If the service is anything like what I have heard tonight I definitely recommend people to come and hear this very inspiring story. What I had the pleasure and honor to hear tonight was absolutely well worth it, I suggest you come and find out what I mean on Sunday. It was certainly a story I can relate to.

Announcement: DAVID SILVER (from Jerusalem) on The Church, Israel & End Times

Saturday 13 November (Show Weekend)

FREE Seminar from 9am to 12noon (Offering taken)

Where: Riccarton Baptist Church, 80 Rattray St

as well as Public Gospel Event with David on WHY ARE THE EYES OF THE WORLD ON ISRAEL?

Friday 12 November @ Burnside High – 7.30pm (free event)

Hosted by Harmony Church, Riccarton Baptist Church & Others

Check out or call Wilton on 03-384 0906

Max Palmer, Life Resources
Gideon Hoekendijk, Harmony Church
Paul Cossey, Riccarton Baptist Church
Sally Cowie, Christ’s Church Pray
Frankie Victor, Aliyah Fellowship

David and Josie Silver are Kiwi’s who live on Mt Carmel in northern Israel. David is the founder / director of Out of Zion Ministries after being involved in evangelism campaigns in Russia and Central Asia. For the last ten years he has travelled to many different countries teaching the Church about God’s plans and purposes for Israel and the Biblical relationship of the true Church to Israel and the Jewish people.

David is the author of the book “A Slow Train Coming” and his wife Josie heads up an email based international intercession network, INTERCESSORS FOR THE RESTORATION OF ISRAEL (I.R.I.), which includes an annual 7day prayer summit in Israel with intercessors coming from all around the world. This network focuses on praying in the things that will bring about the full restoration of Israel, thus hastening the coming of the Messiah and bringing real peace to Israel and the World!, and is currently involved in an intercessory watch up on Mt. Carmel.