Grace & Glory 2014 and a flat battery


This weekend we celebrated Grace & Glory 2014 at Harmony Church, with speakers Rob Rufus and Chad Mansbridge. What an amazing weekend it was AGAIN: beautiful teachings, a Spirit filled atmosphere in which God grew yet bigger again,  the importance of the local church and how not to mix up living under law and under grace, how important the difference between religion and relation. I was carefully reminded that your life doesn’t get changed by who you believe in but by who believes in you and that each walks his or her own journey. 

Here I was with my son after the movies last night. Left the lights of the car on and so sure enough we had a flat battery. And while I was trying to get the car going a thought entered my mind: this is sort of like religious Christianity without Christ.

It is very easy to mix up being religious with being a Christian, so many find themselves like my car last night as a result of leaving their personal lights shine too long instead of His everlasting light. Everything in my car was as it should be, all things mechanical were in place, it had fuel, but it lacked power, and without it nothing was going to happen, it was not going to move, it was not even going to start. You may have your mechanics right (belief system), you may have been fueled up (Bible) but without a battery (the Holy Spirit) it is all still a dead thing (a car with a flat battery). We were created such that the presence of God within us is a vital requirement to our humanity. Christ  gave His life for us to give Himself to us. His presence puts God back into man, so that we might have life; God’s life! Thanks for the recharge of the batteries.


Grace and Glory 2014: see you there!

Next weekend Harmony Church hosts the Grace and Glory Conference again. I am sure it is going to be every bit as amazing as the previous years.  If there is one event you do not want to miss out on this year let it be Grace and Glory 2014. Amazing teaching that liberates, encourages and makes the “Good News”, the Best News. If you’re in for a weekend that sees Jesus becoming even more amazing, God even greater, touched by the Holy Spirit, and celebrate the best news you can ever get from  the greatest God, I hope you’ll find your way to Harmony on 30, 31 May and 1 June to close it off. More information here >>>



Come and see Rob and Glenda Rufus and Chad and Jay Mansbridge and be amazed by the profound teachings. It’s been a highlight in my year every time!


Grace and Glory @ Harmony Church 5 and 6 April: See you there!

What an amazing time the past months have: Chris Gore and Chuck Parry, Sean Feucht and Aaron Walsh November 2012, James Maloney in December, The Family Fun Day in February this year,  The Prophetic and Fatherheart Seminar by Vicky Trustrum in March, Chad Dedmon in March, Easter Service in the Park and Harmony, my home church. And now coming weekend the Grace and Glory Conference with speakers Rob Rufus and Chad Mansbridge.

Last year the Grace and Glory conference was amazing. I remember well the incredible responses from people attending and the breakthrough moments for so many.

While looking forward to this conference again, I am also aware that there appears to be some confusion what exactly it is that Rob Rufus and Chad Mansbridge are teaching. Last year a generous amount of time was set aside to answer some of these questions and to address some of the concerns. For those who may have doubts or questions or those of you that may be curious what this is all about. The complete recordings of last year’s Grace and Glory conference can be listened to and downloaded here >>> (search by church Harmony and the conference including the Leaders Lunch talk can be found there page 2). Since there is some confusion and hearsay as to what Rob is preaching and since there are some questions regarding what the grace message is all about: I recommend reading your Bible as the message is literally in there (Ephesians is a good place to start) and a large part of the questions and concerns that are brought up have been eloquently addressed in a special Q&A session during the conference which can be listened to here >>>.

Again I look forward to seeing you there.

For those interested here are the links to all of last years conference session by session (that saves you looking for them)


Citywide Worship and Prayer Night with Sean Feucht

Citywide Worship & Prayer Night
 with SEAN FEUCHT (USA) & Band
When: Thursday 9 Feb @ 7.30pm (free event – offering taken)
Where: Hornby Presbyterian Church, 27 Amyes Road, Hornby
It’s been the desire of a number of pastors to start the year together in UNITED WORSHIP and to PRAY FOR OUR CITY!
Sean will lead this event as he has also expressed a real desire pray and worship over Christchurch with the wider Body of Christ!
Hosted by Harmony Church, Hornby Prebyterian Community Church, Beckenham Baptist Church , South City Chr. Ctre  
 Riccarton Baptist  Church Living Waters Chr. Ctre, Plains Vineyard, The Worship Centre & Others.
See you there!

Gideon Hoekendijk, Murray Talbot & Max Palmer on behalf of the other leaders

Worship leader & song writer Sean Feucht is founder of a grassroots global worship, prayer and missions organisation called Burn 24/7. He has produced twelve worship albums, numerous teaching resources and recently co-authored his first book “Fire and Fragrance” (he co-leads the “Fire & Fragrance” DTS with YWAM in Hawaii). His lifelong quest and dream is to witness a generation of burning hearts arise across the nations of the world with renewed faith, vision and sacrificial pursuit after the Presence of God. He also works with IHOP (International House of Prayer). He is married to his gorgeous wife Kate and is a new father to their baby girl, Keturah Liv. He lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

And if you’d like to hear more straight away:

See you there!

Vicki Trustrum back for a visit in Christchurch

Vicky is a well known former member of the Spreydon Baptist Church here in Christchurch, now over from Germany where she is part of the Jacob’s Well Ministries. Vicky will be giving two seminars (see poster): father heart seminar and a prophetic seminar. Below Vicky’s story in relation to the Father Heart concept (source

Journey into the Fatherheart of God.

Where, how, when and what have I experienced in the Father’s love?

Since the mid 80’s I have had an interest in the Father heart of God. As I was on the Pastoral team of my church in New Zealand, I introduced many of the “Father” songs out of the Vineyard movement USA. At that time I understood it in my head but the revelation was not yet in my heart of the significance of this love relationship with the Father. The revelation came as a process of discovery, a journey into the Father’s heart.

Naturally when we receive Christ as Saviour, Lord & Master, we are in the Father’s heart. But, we have to realise this truth in our lives. And that comes through revelation and not theory. This process of revelation happened through many visits to the Ichthys Church in Hannover where I have a few friends in the leadership there. I was invited to various “Refreshing days, but the first “Aha” experience was in 2003 by a “Father heart day” for Leaders in the region. I had been visiting the church often since 1997, but this visit was special because my heart was ready to receive the revelation of the Father heart. From then on a hunger grew in me for more of the Father’s love, hence more of Him. When others were being invited from my church to Intensive Weeks in the Father’s presence or to a national “Daughters and Sons” meeting organised through the Ichthys, I found myself longing to be invited and praying “Lord when will I be invited?”. The hunger was intense. And every visit, every step brought more light into my heart and a new softness.

Then in 2006 I was invited to the Daughters & Sons Meeting, which is a 3 day get together from people from all over Germany. I was touched by the Father’s love through others, but also in times alone, by His intense love for me which brought me to tears each time. It wasn’t a Saul of Tarsis expeience, but for me none the less profound. It wasn’t one particular meeting or experience but all of the visits and meetings that came together like a jigsaw puzzle of “Divine Moments” where the Father drew me, touched me and healed my heart. I have served the LORD for many years but much of it was out of duty and not out of delight, Living in the Father’s heart means ministry is becoming more and more a delight and out of the right attitude as a daughter and not an orphan or slave. Doing the Father heart school has enhanced the depth of this relationship and the Biblical foundations as well. Old and New Testament speak so much about our Heavenly Father it is all part of the journey.

What did it do to my heart?

My heart is much softer, this too is a process. And the hunger is still there, if not more so. The surprise has been, on one or two occasions where healing and the breaking down of walls has taken place. Walls that I didnt even realise were there in my heart until the Father’s love broke through.

Is/Are there some key scriptures out of this experience?

John 14:6 I have often used this scripture as an argument that Jesus is the only way to be saved. But suddenly the revelation was there, He is not the goal! The Father is, and He is the way to the Father.

Romans 8:15 The revelation came, I am not a slave but a daughter. A daughter of the King and therefore an hier to all that is His. Not only the joy of being a daughter but the delight in being able to say “Abba”, “Daddy” or what I prefer – “Papa”. I am Papa’s girl, how cool is that! This revelation took striving out of my realtionship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, it brought a peace and contentment in being a daughter in yet a hunger to go deeper in the realtionship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This revelation has not only affected my relating to the Father, but also to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It is not either the Father or the Son or the Holy Spirit, but through the Father the complimenting of each realtionship.

Times and Dates
  • 26 June 2010: Father Heart Seminar
  • 7 August 2010: Prophetic Seminar
hosted by Harmony Church



On 25 November I committed to a a Christian life. It was not a sudden or hasty step and has been a process of many years. In those years, I started looking at Christianity, initially to expose it, but ove time I got grabbed by the words and teachings of Christ and as a result they became the guidelines for my life. An “ultimate guide to humanism” in which love and compassion for as good as I can became leading principles in my life. All the time without there being any urge to be connected with God or anything. Jesus as a teacher I guess is the best way to describe it.

In September I returned from the Netherlands, with an urge to start gong to church. But which one? My discontent with anything that had to do with the traditional churches had grown considerably over time. More recently my sister in law recalled how I once said that I would go into a church one more time, however to throw in all the windows. That is probably how deep my negative sentiments against (traditional) insitutionalised Christianity had run up. At the same time I did not see any value in new age, self-centred approaches. Sure you wil find references in which I talk about “the Kingdom of God is inside you” (vgl Luke 17:21 or the Gospel of Thomas 113 which includes also “and all around you”). What I was talking about however is a search for a state of wholeness (similar to Buddhist philosphy) and not of us humans becoming little Gods ourselves (New Age). Christianity started to become more of an individual matter therefore, something in which I made up the rules (My understanding the importance of the rules thing will be subject of a post to follow).

In September I went to and returned from the Netherlands, to finally be at peace with the idea that New Zealand is my home. But something else had happened: I, of all people, came back with an urge to go attend a church!?

You can imagine my issue here probably: which one to go to?

Prior to my departure to the Netherlands we had run into Catherine and Gideon Hoekendijk, at a gas station, very briefly. They happened to have started a church and left us a card with the details. We ended up going there and so far never looked back. For the first time I did not feel like walking out. For the first time I felt it to be something real.For the first time I met people that actually were interested and not just checking you out: they were real and genuine.

From there on a lot of things have happened which I will post about in other posts. Ultimately it led to the committment of 25 November 2009. Thanks to the wise remark of Kaye at Harmony Church the dime dropped:

“You remind me of my former husband. He was also an intellectual, always studying always writing about religion and God but you know, that may end up standing in the way of actually enjoying a relationship with God.”

That was one “bulls eye” that kept haunting me for the weeks to follow. (See other, older, blog posts) and would turn out to be the trigger to open up my heart and all that was and is to follow.

Today I added this new category under which I will post reflections and thoughts and that relate to my journey as a young Christian, Bible passages, book reviews, music, videos, thoughts, insights or the way I understand things to do with Christianity.

You may wonder why? So it may help others depart on their journey. So as to share thoughts with others. To refer to what I have found to be valuable resources that may be of use to others along the way. To pose questions, as I do not pretend to have the answers, at best opinions.

I sincerely hope that you will share your thoughts, experiences and resources (links) here (as opposed by email) so all readers can enjoy.

Rest me to explain why this category goes as renaissance and journey. Renaissance refers to the transformation that came and is coming with this new direction. Journey refers to the process itself an the experiences that are part of that.I could have chosen for something like reborn but Renaissance Man, is how I have been posting for the past years (See about). The Shorter Collins describes it amongst others as:

“awakening, new birth, new dawn, reawakening”

So, while initially and still referring to the range of interests and skills it is now rapidly gaining an additional meaning: the Renaissance Man as the reborn man.


Reading John 3: 3-6 in the Bible:

“I tell you the truth, no-one can see the Kingdom of God unless he is born again … I tell you the truth, no-one can enter the Kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.”

I guess this is one way of identifying a process of tranformation. It did not come with a loud bang or fireworks, a dramatic event, but the signs were already there: without even realizing it I stopped swearing, music finally started making sense to me (since playing in church), finding myself considering that what I saw during making pictures was good enough evidence for me to believe that there is a God and well finally opening up my heart completely to anyone other than myself is quite a step. Other references to the transformation, for those that have an urge to grab their Bible,  can be found at:

  • Peter 2:9 (from darkness into light)
  • Romans 8:21 (from bondage into freedom)
  • Romans 6:13 (from death into life)


Even though a short one at this stage, I see this all as a journey, a spiritual journey, a journey I cannot oversee the length of, a journey on which I don’t know what I will encounter, only God does, but most of all a journey of reciprocal committment (see Hebrews 13:5):

“… Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” ( Also see Deuteronomy 31:6)

For me this journey at the moment is focussed on one thing only, getting acquainted, and all I can say is that this quite a joyful matter in which lively ‘discussions’ (prayers/meditations so you wish, I prefer a chat with a friend) are leading me into new territories in a safe and “childfriendly” way. It’s very much a process of discovering you have a new friend for life but one that is not afraid to challenge you (in the most positive sense of the word). And isn’t that in fact what friends are for?

Enough for now, see you at the next “stop”.

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