Securities Commission Warning: Illegal Share offer by IRA NRG NZ Limited (INNL)

8 December 2010

News release

The Securities Commission warns people of an illegal share offer by Ira NRG NZ Limited (INNL) and its sole director Simon Romana.  The Commission has banned the company’s website and the content of the website has been removed.  There is no registered prospectus for the offer.

The website of INNL described INNL’s plans to generate electricity and sell it to the national grid.  The website included claims of future income that are not substantiated on the website.  There were no assumptions disclosed relating to the prospective financial information as required by law.

“The public offer of shares by INNL is illegal as there is no prospectus.  Any purported allotment of shares to investors would be void and of no effect.  People should not invest in this company until it complies with the requirements of the Securities Act 1978″ said Securities Commission Chairman, Jane Diplock.

INNL was incorporated in March 2010.


Contact Rebecca Barclay 04 471 76666

More about this company can be found on the company’s website at as well as an investment statement.





Sam Hood’s Stolen Guitars.. Look out for them!!

Christchurch Rock Shop staff member Sam Hood had 10 guitars stolen. How about we all keep a an eye out for them.

Gibson L6 Deluxe – Late ‘70s, Maple, Blonde w/black pickguard & Dimarzio pickup in bridge position. Tone control turns a full 360 degrees & sits higher than volume control. Worn frets. Buckle scratches on back. Uncovered pickups. Faded & bent chrome tuners.

Gibson Les Paul Junior Doublecut – Cherry Red faded satin finish w/P90 pickups. Has small chips on headstock & scrape on left hand side of the top on the edge.

Epiphone Les Paul 1959 Standard – Cherry Sunburst, bent control knobs. Chrome hardware. S/N: F302623

Ibanez RG525 Roadstar – w/Floyd Rose, dark blue slightly sparkly, silver hardware. Various dings on top in particular.

Ibanez Artist Bass – Late ‘70s, dark brown sunburst. Various chips on body.

Harper 335 Gibson Style – Red sunburst, trapeze tailpiece & distinctive chip on back. No serial number. Gold hardware

Dean Vendetta 7 String – Natural finish. S/N: 007090324

Fender 1951 Precision Bass Reissue – Made in Japan, Butterscotch blonde. S/N: Q003584

Squier Bullet Silver Series – Made in Japan, brown sunburst, two humbuckers, Telecaster headstock. Early ‘80s.

None of the guitars have their respective cases, as they were not taken.

Contact: 0226347950 or Christchurch Rockshop (03) 377-3964.


WARNING: Illegal Share Offer – Inertialess Drive ZPE 2010 Limited

The Securities Commission warns people who have been invited to invest in Inertialess Drive ZPE 2010 Limited that its share offer is illegal.The Securities Commission has banned a document offering shares in Inertialess Drive ZPE 2010 Limited. The offer is illegal because no prospectus has been registered, and there is no investment statement.The company is based in Mount Maunganui and Ken Pedlar is its sole director and shareholder.”In New Zealand, most offers of investments must have a registered prospectus and an investment statement,” the Commission’s Chairman Jane Diplock says. “These documents are important to allow people to make an informed decision about investing.”The Commission understands that offer documents were sent to people who responded to advertisements by the company in the Bay of Plenty Times in December 2009.The Commission warns people about buying securities that do not have the required offer documents.”Under New Zealand law anyone who has subscribed for securities in offers that are illegal is entitled to have their money refunded,” Jane Diplock says.The Commission had previously, in 1998, banned advertising for shares by Inertialess Drive Technologies 1995 Limited now liquidated because there was no registered prospectus. In 2000 the Commission also banned advertising for shares in Inertialess Drive Corporation Limited for the same reason. Mr Pedlar was involved in both these companies. The advertisements in the Bay of Plenty Times are targeted at former shareholders of these companies.

EndsContact: Poly Banerjee 04 471 7666

via Securities Commission Release: WARNING: Illegal Share Offer – Inertialess Drive ZPE 2010 Limited.

Scamming Alert for Businesses

The Takapuna Beach Business Association is alerting its members about scams that have hit North Shore businesses during the past few weeks.

Association general manager Peter White says: “It pays to always be a step ahead of the scammers.”

He says one of the scams involves a person emailing to book a group dinner.

A man who introduces himself as Cole Parkinson from Glasgow, Scotland, makes a booking for 10 persons for three consecutive nights.

He then makes an initial deposit of $1500 with the promise of paying for any other additional bills on the last night.

“They book and pay by credit card and then cancel and get you to pay money back into another account,” Mr White says.

Mr White says the Browns Bay Business Association recently alerted its members about a retail scammer that has victimised a shop.

The man calls into a shop and quickly grabs two retail products.

He then goes to the checkout saying his mother-in-law has had a reaction and tries to get a cash refund for the two products he hasn’t bought.

The man talks really quickly like he’s in a hurry and flustered.

The shop owner says the man had victimised them before and came around to try to dupe them the second time.

“He knew I was on to him today so he left minus his products and any money.

“I suggested if the reaction was causing his mother-in-law significant distress and discomfort he should take her to a doctor,” the shop owner says.

Mr White says he has issued an alert to all their members who might be caught off guard by these scammers.

Source: STUFF