Remember the Reason!

Also remember this: It’s not just an annual religious celebration but a never-ending death-shattering manifestation. It’s more than I can comprehend on any given day. Yes, let’s all not stop to worship but let’s also not stop after Easter.

Flowers, flowers, flowers

DSCF6111DSCF4090DSCF4566A prayer: folded handsDSCF4443DSCF4024

I uploaded a large series of flower photos that I have shot recently. I don’t know about you but flowers never cease to amaze me. Flowers, seen through a lens, were what first made me think how impossible it is to imagine a world that was the result of random chance as opposed to created by God. They will always be special to me. In a way they’ve been instrumental in leading me back to God, in their own very special and quiet way.