genostv’s posterous – Changing the way you experience television. Forever.

Submitted by Anonymous Coward on Saturday April 24, @03:42PM Slashdot.orgAn anonymous reader writes “GenosTV is going to change media and entertainment forever. It has a new worldwide cable tv systme that let you choose and buy JUST the station you want. I only watch CNN, History and discovery so will my cable bill be under ten bucks? They have a 1,000,000 DVR, they have a new controller called the Cyclopse Cool Cool, They have a virtual living room Now I can watch the football game with all my buddies and we are ll at our own house. They company was founded by Rob Shambro, SAVVIS, StreamSearch, Infinium, AND Mike West CTO of IBM and Kevin Bachus the founder of the XBOX. It launches at CES January 6, 2011. I cannot wait!!”Link to Original Source

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