I would not like to call myself a photographer other than that, I LOVE SHOOTING PICTURES AND EDIT THEM. This interest all started some years ago when I was out in Sumner on New Years Day.

I did not have anything like a camera with me (I never did). But I did have the new mobile phone that came with my mobile phone plan. And I remembered it had a camera in it. So, might as well try it. A new series of photos was started right after that, “THE WORLD THROUGH A MOBILE PHONE”, initially with unedited mobile phone camera and now here at my new blog site I have started the series again with by now a different camera in my mobile phone and most of all the option of editing.

What I especially liked about the idea of the mobile phone used as a main device was the idea of making your weakness the strength.The camera only has a very limited resolution and no such things as zoom and so forth that can be used to any serious extent.Yet for me it meant that I could focus more on composition and so forth.

It was after being introduced to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom that a new set of very attractive options were opened up to me and THE WORLD THROUGH A MOBILE PHONE got a completely new life. I had already seen that some of the pictures got painting like qualities as by nature but I could now enhance that effect. Combined with the filters and other options I had a blast just trying to make something out of basically just a bit more than nothing.

In the first period I must have shot a few thousand of these mobile phone pictures and every now and then I return to the complete collections and pick out a few to edit.In fact the picture used for the header of this page is taken with my mobile phone.


In any event, what started with a mobile phone change over to the point and shoot camera and that is where things still are. I use a FUJIFILM Finepix A 900, and as said Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for developing/editing. I like to keep things simple. At the same time however I love the challenge of taking ordinary equipment and see if I can get unexpected results from that.

In addition to the “technical side” of it all I guess what I enjoy most is that photography opened my eyes again for everything around me, from the grand scenery never far away in New Zealand to the smallest details. I like to experiment with special angles and love shooting pictures of nature.

Some of my favorites I have added below.







I keep most of the photos (hundreds more) on many different subjects online at


and by now several pictures have been transformed into post cards, greeting cards and posters for my



3 thoughts on “Photography

  1. John, I’m glad I could follow the development of your series from the very beginning – even the very first mobile phone landscapes were incredibly fascinating. Now it has turned out to be great works of art, focusing your view upon the world around you. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Dag,

    Thank you for the nice compliments, and it means a lot coming from you. Still having a hard time considering my pictures as ‘real’ art, but then again also thinking art is all in the eye of the beholder.

    And yes I will keep it up, expect there to come a separate page in the future for writing as well. Talk about writing ….. still waiting.

    In any event, it is great to have such encouraging friends around the world. So yes… I will keep it up. How are things at your end?

  3. Well this has turned out to be an amazing journey my friend. Remember I suggested you create iPhone wall-papers or desktop backgrounds for Twitter etc.? You have something very special here.

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