CJ’s Musicworks alive and kicking

I don’t about you, but for me, I like to have my local music store where I can go down if I need picks, strings, fast fret or to ask as stupid question. And heck yes after by now thirty years of playing guitar I still have plenty of them. I like going to Charlie Jemmett at CJ’s Musicworks.

Additionally, I am picky on my guitar shops as I do not like it when Ibanez, my favorite brand is not adequately represented in a store. CJ’s has had a tough ride since the February earthquake but they have been back up on their feet reasonably quickly. In fact it was thanks to Charlie that I got to think about how the earthquake had its good aspects as well. As a result of the damage and mess CJ’s has changed their layout and looks more spacious.

If it had not been for the earthquake we would probably never have come around redoing the floor plan. It’s just too busy all the time.

I k now that a lot of people do not particularly want to go into town but for those that make music: this is the time to go out get over yourself and support your local music store. Situated right next to the SouthCity Mall parking lot on Colombo Street, Charlie and his colleagues at Musicworks look  forward to seeing you. 

As for our fellow guitarists: there is a mouthwatering collection of new Ibanez stock in. At least go and check that out, they are beautiful.

CJ’s Musicworks

CJ’s MusicWorks Christchurch at 569 Colombo Street is run by active musicians who, collectively have the widest knowledge of musical equipment you’ll find anywhere. With a huge range of instruments from drums to Grand Pianos this Christchurch store has something for everyone. Giving the best possible customer service is the ultimate aim and this shop has longstanding customers who come back because of the service and product knowledge, which is second to none.

And oh yes they are also on Facebook.


Sam Hood’s Stolen Guitars.. Look out for them!!

Christchurch Rock Shop staff member Sam Hood had 10 guitars stolen. How about we all keep a an eye out for them.

Gibson L6 Deluxe – Late ‘70s, Maple, Blonde w/black pickguard & Dimarzio pickup in bridge position. Tone control turns a full 360 degrees & sits higher than volume control. Worn frets. Buckle scratches on back. Uncovered pickups. Faded & bent chrome tuners.

Gibson Les Paul Junior Doublecut – Cherry Red faded satin finish w/P90 pickups. Has small chips on headstock & scrape on left hand side of the top on the edge.

Epiphone Les Paul 1959 Standard – Cherry Sunburst, bent control knobs. Chrome hardware. S/N: F302623

Ibanez RG525 Roadstar – w/Floyd Rose, dark blue slightly sparkly, silver hardware. Various dings on top in particular.

Ibanez Artist Bass – Late ‘70s, dark brown sunburst. Various chips on body.

Harper 335 Gibson Style – Red sunburst, trapeze tailpiece & distinctive chip on back. No serial number. Gold hardware

Dean Vendetta 7 String – Natural finish. S/N: 007090324

Fender 1951 Precision Bass Reissue – Made in Japan, Butterscotch blonde. S/N: Q003584

Squier Bullet Silver Series – Made in Japan, brown sunburst, two humbuckers, Telecaster headstock. Early ‘80s.

None of the guitars have their respective cases, as they were not taken.

Contact: 0226347950 or Christchurch Rockshop (03) 377-3964.