Photo Story: Visiting Neighbours, the Last Moarch to Leave the Nursery

On 31 December I told you about the nursery of Mrs Monarch, and how eggs had transformed into caterpillars and from there into cocoons. Today we witnessed the last butterfly leaving the cradle and I thought I share the beauty with you. Again I realized how true the words of Michael Pokocky were:

we artists can only look in wonder

at what no mortal can design

On the first picture the empty cocoon in the swan plant looks a bit grey and dull maybe . But just imagine the beauty that came out of it. An incredibly beautiful Monarch born and ready to go for its own journey.



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Michael Pokocky

Ever since I found out that my good friend Michael Pokocky has this thing with blue in general and blue flowers in particular, I seem to be extra alert on blue flowers.

Some of the more recent ones were uploaded to my flickr photostream with blue ones as a special gift to my good friend and writer.

One of the pictures was this one taken at Monavale of which I reported in a previous post.

What was most beautiful was this comment.

we artists can only look in wonder
at what no mortal can design

I guess it so relates back to my own sentiments when it comes to the existence of a creator. I could read a library of apologetic, agnostic or atheist literature and still, looking at nature makes me so sure that this all cannot be just the result of random and purposeless chance.

Thanks Michael for this great comment!

And for those who would like to get to know Michael better here are some places where he can beĀ  found online:

My Flickr Photostream: Spring, Flowers and Trying Out the Digital Zoom

I am new to the photo thing and starting to get acquainted with the camera and all its functions. In the past weeks I have been trying out the digital zoom. That certainly opens up a new wealth of options, bit still learning and trying no to get seasick when looking to focus. I uploaded some of the results to my photostream on flickr.

Here are a few of my favorites, check out the others at

There were 52 uploads tonight, so don’t just hang around on the first page and let let me know what you think.

Flowers: they don’t stop amazing me. And now with Spring coming on, it is amazing to see what is happening. Time and time again I am marveled by the sheer beauty around me. What is even more amazing is that using a camera has brought back that child like experience of wonder and joy. It is as if the world is saying: look what you have been missing all these years, welcome back and enjoy.