Non-smoking the first ten days

Ten days of quitting smoking now and I can not look back on a perfect try. Yep I’ll admit it I have had some cigarettes here and there. In the previous article on this subject I wrote about quitting I ended up getting the patches. When it comes to those there is one important lesson:


The other day I was ready to give up my attempt completely. I was pretty much sure that those patches did not do anything. I had actually forgotten to change the patch. The lozenges I was provided as a top up I have not been using much considering I am allowed twenty a day. I have not had twenty yet in the past 10 days, all the “potential” side effects seem to be applicable to me. But at the same time I seem to be more committed and through prayer and reading the bible I have stayed committed and no matter what, they do help.

I guess the secret is not to forget to stand up and move on when you fall. And that is sort of what it has been thanking God for every day I managed to keep my hands of the cigarettes completely and equally for the days where I did have a weak moment but did not start smoking again. I seem more determined than ever and I got the best support team one could wish for next to the quit line.

The expected irritability and other withdrawal symptoms have not been as bad as expected and I see now how many of the cigarettes I used to smoke have been associated with specific events: being on the telephone, in the car, after diner, with the coffee in the morning and as a “brain break.”

If there are (br)others (and sisters) out there with stories about stopping I’d love to hear it and perhaps we can all support each other to pull through.