The Google Art Project

Here you are trying to view a major work of art like a Van Gogh, a Picasso or a Dali to find yourself surrounded by so many others that the experience is hardly possible. All those around you want exactly the same that

The Google Art Project offers an alternative way to view some of the world’s most famous artworks, in greater detail and with a better view than you very likely would often achieve when viewing these works in real life.

Some believe Google’s Art Project will allow thousands more people to view and appreciate works that they may never get the chance to see in person. Others believe that no matter how impressive, technology can never replace the experience of viewing a work in the flesh and some commentators wonder what sort of implications this kind of project will have on people’s need to visit galleries or museums in future.

More about it in the video below

I think this is pretty cool and at the same time it will never be able to replace the real life face to face thingy. I so well remember, that after having looked at (detailed photos of) Starry Nights by Van Gogh, coming face to face with this painting was as emotional as reuniting with an old friend. No computer experience can in my view compete with seeing a Dali in larger than live size. It is in that experience that you get a real appreciation for his sense of detail.

At the same time I could imagine that the Google project is adding extra dimensions  because of its level of detail. Whatever the pros and cons, I think it is a great idea.

The links below feature some interesting views on the project:

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I from my side a curious what your thoughts are on this project and on watching art online. I’d be keen to hear what your thoughts are.

Photo Journal: pic of the day inspired by Van Gogh

Ever since I saw Van Gogh’s paintings of blossom as a child blossom has remained special to me.  What a joy that it is blossom time in Christchurch.

First the Magnolias in Hagley Park

And later the Cherry Blossom

Spring has definitely arrived.