Photo Journal: This is the day the Lord Has made cont.


“(J) wow look at those colors over the water. Is it not just amazing!?
(A) Oh ok I’ll stop here, go shoot some pictures I know you want to.
(J) No no, I was just making noticing how beautiful it looks
(A) Right, but now get out and shoot some pictures as it is indeed beautiful (smile)

In the previous post I left with a gallery of sunrise photos but as indicated I can also really appreciate beautiful sunsets. The one  we saw fall over Golden Bay was quite a great closing finale to a great day out and about.

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Photo Journal: Evening Picnic in Sumner

I for one am always in for eating in the open air. With winter coming up we best try to enjoy as much of the sunshine as we can. So earlier this week we took the boys out for diner at the beach. The day started relatively cold. A snail agreed on the nippiness and as soon as we opened the window in the morning he quickly came in trying to find some warmth.

Later that day it became time for diner at the beach. School uniforms off and beach clothes on, off for an evening picnic. Nice and simple: some bread, cheese, and other stuff to put on the bread and some juice.

The boys loved it, for one because the are very energetic and sitting at the table is not one of their greatest virtues. In between bites they now enjoyed the sand, water and all that came in with the tide, no matter how BIG

or small.

Me and my wife just enjoyed each other, the boys, the sound of the sea  and the beautiful evening skies which at times looked like a painting.


Photo Journal: Who Needs Television with Skies Like This

After a great afternoon at Rapaki, the wind had turned north-west. This always comes with incredible sunsets. Who needs a television when you can just sit outside looking at skies unfolding like this. No trips needed, just in your own garden.


Norwester Sunset Smiling Back at Me

When the wind is coming from the north west, that usually gives some spectacular skies with beautiful oranges and reds.

Imagine my surprise when I found the sky smiling back at me.

Other photos can be found via my flickr stream