Keeping Your Computer Run Smoothly FOR FREE: IObit Avanced Windows Care and Security 360

Keeping your system clean and maintaining it to keep running smoothly does not need to be expensive.  IObit has some great options for you.


Last year one of the computers started running slow and efforts to clean up the hard drive and get that fixed seemed not to make any difference: defrags, checks for malware and spyware and other nasties, nothing seemed to make a real difference. My good friend Michael Pokocky recommended I give ADVANCED WINDOWS CARE  a go. So I downloaded the free version. I was highly surprised to see the options offered already in the free version: system optimization, internet optimization, checks for spyware and junk files, defragmentation, privacy sweeps, registry fix are just a few of al the options all with the click of one button.

Ever since I put Advanced Windows Care on the computer it runs so much smoother. Best of all, it is very easy to use with a simple interface.
Imagine that just from the free version. Some of the benefits listed:

  • Powerful Hard Drive Defragmentation
  • Fast, powerful and incredibly effective Disk Defrag function to defragment hard drives – up to 10 times faster than other defragmentation tools.
  • Next-generation Registry Clean and Optimization
  • Safely remove registry junk, compact registry bloat and defragment the registry for blistering-fast performance.
  • Defends PC Security with Extra Protection
  • Scans and removes spyware and adware using up-to-date definition files. Prevents spyware, hackers and hijackers from installing malicious items on your computer. Erases and updates your PC’s activity history.
  • Quick and Extensive Clean-up for Hard Drives
  • Boosts your system’s performance by cleaning missing files, destroying unwanted files, deleting obsolete files, and removing junk files. Supports deep-cleansing of more than 50 types of junk files.
  • Speeds Up PC Performance and Internet Access
  • Tunes up Windows by releasing the built-in power of your system. Dramatically improves both system and Internet performance.
  • Fixes Multiple System Errors
  • More than a mere registry cleaner; it keeps your PC stable and running at peak efficiency. Eliminates system bottlenecks and prevents crashes.
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Completes its work with just one click! Scans, repairs and secures your PC in one minute.
  • Safe and Free
  • 100% free with no spyware or adware! Advanced SystemCare Free is safe and trusted PC protection and maintenance solution and comes highly recommended.

SECURITY 360 (3.1 Beta version), another ONE CLICK PONY

The other day when running advanced Windows Care, a suggestion popped up that said that I could have even better security from Security 360. Again I ended up being a happy customer.

IObit Security 360 is an advanced malware & spyware removal utility that detects, removes the deepest infections, and protects your PC from various of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, and hijackers. With the unique “Dual-Core” engine and the heuristic malware detection, IObit Security 360 detects the most complex and deepest spyware and malware in a very fast and efficient way. IObit Security 360 has a real-time malware protection and frequent automatic updating for prevention of zero-day security threats. IObit Security 360 can work with your Antivirus for a superior PC security. It found several threats that had not been picked up by Advanced Windows Care.

Again what makes it so appealing is the ease of use: a click of one button will do.

Some of the feautures listed on the site are:

  • Complete PC Security Care
    Antimalware, antispyware, anti-adware, anti-Trojan, anti-bots, and more. There are no antivirus and firewall functions but it assist your Antivirus defend any tricky and complex threats.
  • 1-click Solution and Very Easy to Use
    Traditional Advantages of IObit. We love simple and automatic style.
  • Fast and Light
  • Finds the Deep Infections
  • It uses DOG (Digital Original Gene), a novel heuristic malware detection method, to find the most complex threats.
  • Automatic and Frequent Updates
  • Work with All Antivirus Products
  • Everyone needs a qualified antivirus software and it runs smoothly next to my existing antivirus programs.
  • Free for Home/Non-commercial Use


Before you download and install Security 360, you need to keep in mind that this is a beta version: a program that is still in development and is published solely for testing purposes. A beta is a pre-release version of a product that has been opened up to public testing.

As a result “IObit makes no, and hereby expressly disclaims all, warranties, express, implied, statutory, or otherwise with respect to the software, including noninfringement and the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

You must agree that IObit shall not be liable for any damages to me or any other party in connection with this Beta program, whether arising out of contract or from tort, including loss of data, profits or business or other special, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages, even if IObit has been advised of the possibility of such loss or damages. This section shall survive termination of this License.”

All in all, A BIG HATS OFF for the people at IObit.  Well not for nothing the company is awarded so many times and authoritatively commented on. And if you’d like to find out more yourself, both products can be downloaded via IObits site.

If you don’t want to risk using beta versions of software, I would definitely recommend that you give Advanced Windows Care a go, it is definitely one of my favorite maintenance an security applications. Give me a ONE CLICK PONY any day.

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