Photo Journal: Thoughts on Luke 2:19 head or heart?

Last Sunday after a few very busy weeks I did not go to church and instead I drove out with a Bible, journal and camera and spend some time alone while picking up my son in Cheviot. The route:  Christchurch-Kaiapoi-Amberley-WaiparaWaikariHurunuiCulverden-Rotterham via Mouse Point- Rotterham-Waiau-via Leader Road to Parnassus-Cheviot. Cheviot- Greta Valley -detour up and down to Motunau Beach-Amberley-Kaiapoi-Christchurch.

Amazing scenery that day.

In Balmoral  Forest I stopped for some lunch that I had picked up earlier. Sitting in the back of the truck eating and enjoying my coffee I opened my Bible and Journal. Luke 2: 18, 19 seemed to stick out particularly.

19 But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19 NIV

Now that stuck out to me because as I understood it pondering was something more of a head matter. In the Merriam-Webster it says:

ponder implies a careful weighing of a problem or, often, prolonged inconclusive thinking about a matter <pondered the course of action>.

It seemed to indicate a head matter. Yet, Mary pondered with her heart? It reminded me of something Santana said before one of the songs during a concert.

If we take the time to see with the heart and not with the mind, we shall see that we are surrounded completely by angels.

Again the heart prevails over the normal sensory course. Maybe there is something there? Could it maybe be that the eyes, the ears, the mind provide order to our sensations whereas it is the heart that gives it meaning, truth.
Is it not coincidental that the heart is as the one place in our body that is associated with love. We speak of knuckle heads the Bible of hardened hearts.

The heart as the place where connect knowledge and meaning, purpose, God‘s purpose by the guidance of the Spirit, the place from where the Spirit speaks, the heart as the pathway to wisdom, the truth about everything and anything, ourselves included.

Lunch turned out to be satisfactory in more than one sense and with a smile on my face I proceeded. Further down the road I was sure God was smiling back to me. Something to further explore and try on my journey of life.

Quote of the Day: Surrounded by Angels, Carlos Santana

What can I say: Carlos Santana is the very reason I started playing and still am playing guitar. Since my conversion his music and person have become of even greater relevance to me. I have a renewed and different appreciation for his music. I see someone that has been seeking and finding, someone with complete dedication, someone that plays to serve instead of being served, someone that heals through music. A very humble person and an example and inspiration for what is and is to come if God wills.

I have had several occasions now where it feels as such a privilege to play and actually receive such incredible guidance an inspiration where none is deserved. More and more I believe that the best way for me to pray and worship is actually through my guitar. I can’t help but feeling that watching Santana play is actually sort of like an example, a manual even as to how to do just that. The music of Carlos Santana seems so often like the perfect worship song to me, less words and more music and most of all relevant. THE REAL DEAL, naked and honest, where “it is in the giving that we receive” is actually embodied in the music.

The other day I stumbled upon the Youtube video below, of Carlos Santana live in Mexico. In the intro of the song he speaks to the audience in Spanish but through the translation of the introduction of the song I came across this quote that has stuck with me all day and will probably be there for a very long time to come.


If we take the time to see with the heart and not with the mind, we shall see that we are surrounded completely by angels.
We shall see them and feel them dancing; always dancing in the flesh.

Another great quote by the same man to close this post:

When it is raining everyone gets wet, it doesn’t matter whether you are someone poor or the pope. That is the unity I want to express with my music.

That is what will be my leading word of inspiration for the coming period when I write new music.