Photo Journal: Before or After

The other day we went to Akaroa for a good day out with the family. As always I had a cameras with me and in recent times I have started to try and capture the different members of the family. I find photographing people difficult for some reason, and my boys are not all that much into the posing. So I try to sneak up on them or using a the zoom, do it when they are not aware of me taking pictures. At some point I called to my youngest son “look look” and “gotcha.” This was the result:

Now while nice, with the beach dirt making for playful spots and discoloring, it was the post chocolate-ice cream that really brought a smile on my face.

Now there is a boy being a boy.

It got me to think about portraits and what has my preference. The nice shot like you get from school or the shot that shows the person as he or she really is. I think I prefer the latter. Maybe that is why I like street photography so much?

What are your thoughts?


Photo Journal: Rex

We love our ginger Rex: easygoing, great playmate that also enjoys a quiet afternoon in, well, our bed.

When I lower my right ear it means I want you to go away with that annoying camera of yours. Can’t you see I am having a rest?

Ok ok I’ll leave you to it than.

Thanks for that, bye.


My latest pics

Uploaded several dozens of pics recently, go check it out.

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