Harmony Church hosts SHANE WILLARD

Shane Willard will speak in Christchurch on Tue 10 and Wed 11 May.

Shane is an international speaker, teacher, and motivator. His passion is teaching the Word of God in a relevant way, with a particular interest in revealing Jesus’ life and ministry from a hebrew context. Shane was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina and began preaching at age 15. He took his first pastoral position at 19 and served on staff for 7 years at two large churches. He speaks at pastor’s and leadership conferences as well as churches throughout the world.


Meetings held each night at 7.30pm at Halswell Baptist Church, 6 Balcairn Street, Halswell

Offering will be taken.

Hosted by Harmony Church. More info Ph: 338 4253 or harmonychurch@ihug.zo.nz or www.harmony.org.nz

For the facebookers amongst us go here and RSVP and hopefully I will meet you there.


“It is our honour and privilege to have this opportunity to recommend to you the ministry of Shane Willard. Shane has ministered in our church to great effect and his grasp of the Word and ability to communicate it is stunning. He has a deep knowledge of the historical context and original meaning that is fresh and revelatory and brings to life the most fundamental of the Christian doctrines. The demand for his book and CD series by our congregation is evidence of how much his ministry was appreciated. We look forward to Shane’s next visit and gladly recommend his ministry in building the local church.”

Pastor Merv and Ann Bassett
Annesbrook Church – Christ Church, New Zealand

“We recently had Pastor Shane Willard minister at the Invercargill Christian Centre over a ten day period. From the very first meeting it was evident that the ascension gift of the teacher was in operation among us. Secondary to this, but along side, was the manifest power of the Holy Spirit in re-enforcing truth, and demonstrating signs and wonders.

We have no hesitation in recommending Shane Willard to you. He has become a good friend and colleague in the Holy Spirit.”

Ian & Dayle Wright, Senior Pastors
Invercargill Christian Centre – Invercargill, New Zealand


Mark Head of Fatherheart Ministries Speaks at Harmony Church

Hear MARK HEAD from Fatherheart Ministries in Taupo

(Lead by James & Denise Jordan)

10am this Sunday 14 November

@ Harmony Church, Oaklands School Auditorium, Halswell

Check out www.harmony.org.nz or email: harmonychurch@ihug.co.nz


Mark was radically saved from the surf/drug culture in 1981.

For many years he was active in the church in evangelism and worship and also church planting in the UK

In 1994 he came into a revelation of the Love of the Father.

This life changing experience defined the direction of his life and he began ministering from this revelation soon after.

Mark spent several years serving in a healing ministry, before entering full time ministry as a Pastor in a multicultural Church in Auckland

He has been a Conference speaker both in NZ and overseas.

In 2008 he felt lead to join Fatherheart Ministries (lead by James & Denise Jordan) and moved with his family to Taupo NZ to focus on what he sees as his life calling.

Mark has been married to Nikki for more than 25 years and together they have 2 wonderful children Michael and Caitlin.

He still loves to surf!


If the service is anything like what I have heard tonight I definitely recommend people to come and hear this very inspiring story. What I had the pleasure and honor to hear tonight was absolutely well worth it, I suggest you come and find out what I mean on Sunday. It was certainly a story I can relate to.

On Silence and Hearing His Voice

I am slowly but surely heading towards a first year of being a Christian and I guess that my good friend and pastor Gideon Hoekendijk could not have said it any better than yesterday when attending a pastor’s lunch with Jason Westerfield, the whitest black preacher I ever heard:

talk about being thrown in the deep.

I guess that is what has happened in no uncertain way. From being a skeptic with an unexplained urge to go to church, I found myself in the midst of a community and events that are after revival, after the restoration of the Tabernacle of David, after God’s presence in the here and now and not as some distant unpersonalized life insurance policy for the hereafter. So far it has been an amazing journey. Let it be said: a challenging one for sure. After seven years studying and working towards a book on debunking RELIGION, I ended up encountering RELATION, and no matter how smart, rational, intellectual you are (and with an IQ of 148-154 depending on which test in which language I guess intellectual fits the profile), it was in experiencing RELATION with the living God, not at all distant, but highly personal that  I was shook up in my ugg- boots and am on a daily basis.

In all this I learned about the other side of prayer: loud, in tongues, long, with open arms, face down on the floor, for others, and I must say it has not always been easy.  A lot of my foundations, actually very similar to what Christchurch has been going through in the past weeks, seems to reflect what has been happening to me in  a personal, intellectual and spiritual sense. In a very direct and profound sense I had to came to a point where the adagio: I NEED TO UNDERSTAND SO THAT I MAY BELIEVE, was replaced with I BELIEVE SO I MAY UNDERSTAND.  And while I am far from perfect in that sense, a bit of the old rationalist, the facts and evidence based investigative consultant is still there, yet it is in reading the Bible and praying that real answers came, most of all when I stopped talking to God to give Him a  chance to speak.

This Jason Upton song seems to reflect this need for silence the way I experienced it.


I guess what it boils down to is that we spend an awful lot of time talking, requesting, to God, and don’t get me wrong, that may well be for all the right reasons; but it is, at least for me very easy to forget taking the time to listen to God and if anything it has been in the listening that I found my answers and actually am starting to experience the reality of the restoration of the Tabernacle of David, the power of His presence and the peace that comes with that. If there’s anything that typifies the past year as a Christian it must be that it is in the speaking to God that we get our issues sorted in the literal sense but for me it is in the silence that I seem to find the answers. I do not always like what I am hearing and in all honesty at times I thought I knew better. But it seems that the more you hand it over to Him the more peaceful you become in whatever comes your way. But… you need to take the time to listen, to ask at times

what are you trying to tell me Father?

Best of all: if you subsequently shut up and listen there is a good chance the answer follows, either while being silent or in the form of a sign straight after that, or when you read your Bible and some or the other passage seems to speak to you more than the others.

And when it comes to being quiet, I have found the music of Kimberly and Alberto Rivera working miracles for me btw just as much as the music ministry within Harmony Church and I guess that’s why I enjoy playing there so much. And in hindsight: what a foresight! It was not through doctrine or intellectual exercises but through music, in the words of Gideon Hoekendijk, my love language, that I came to encounter the Spirit before I was converted, and in such a strong way that there was nothing left but to be converted: PRAISE THE LORD! And is it just not  miraculous, after seven years of diligent “religious fraud” investigation, what happened to me happened in the eight year, the year of restoration: for me now the year of RELATION. Talk about a God  with a biblically sound plan! BUT…. back to Kimberly and Alberto Rivera. Below some of my favorite youtube videos. I will post the highlights  but suggest you listen to the songs as a whole.

I hope you enjoyed the videos as much as I did again. I hope and pray that like me you will find answers in His Presence and your Silence.

Invitation: Clive Carr Speaking at Harmony Church

See You Tomorrow

Clive is pastor of New Heart Church & director of Ellel Int. Ministries in Ballyclare, Northern Ireland, UK.  He has been speaking at Greenlane Christian Centre in Auckland the last few weeks and we have heard fantastic reports!

He ministers with a unique pastoral and powerful prophetic gift. Not to be missed….

About Clive Carr

Clive Carr originates from Dublin, Ireland. His church background is made up of Anglican, Presbyterian, Brethren, Charismatic House Groups and Pentecostal. In 1975 he got converted and in 1977 was dramatically filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and received a call from God to serve Him in ministry. In 1979 he served with with Operation Mobilisation, in 1982 attended Bible College in England, and in 1985 he was ordained as a minister in the Elim Churches and was pastoring until 1998 with them. He has had the privilege to travel to over fifty countries and has experience in interdenominational events and cross-cultural ministry. He is an associate teacher of Ellel International Ministries in evangelism, healing and deliverance work.


In 1999 the Lord gave Clive a vision for a ministry that would touch the hearts of men and women with the healing power of God’s love. As an evangelist, Clive believes that the heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart. Hence New Heart Ministries was founded on Ezekiel 36v26: “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you.” He is now heading up this ministry which has a church base and a ministry to the further body of Christ. He is involved in directing and pastoring New Heart Church and Ministries and also has a travelling ministry to other churches and nations.http://newheartministries.org

As a PASTOR, EVANGELIST, and TEACHER, Clive believes in moving under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and loves to minister in a relaxed informal and spontaneous manner. He shares in an inspirational and exciting way with humour and yet is sensitive to the powerful move of the Holy Spirit. His teaching ministry is accompanied with the prophetic and word of knowledge gifts. He likes to give time for personal ministry, laying on of hands, impartation, etc. Clive ministers with the conviction that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today, and that signs and wonders do follow the preaching of the Word.

More information at http://www.harmony.org.nz, I look forward meeting you there tomorrow at 10. 00 AM