There is this famous saying that basically says feed a man a fish and you will still his hunger, teach him how to fish an he will never be hungry again.

Well this weekend during one-on-one father-son time I saw this beautifully illustrated when we caught a beautiful flounder.

Another well know saying is that images speak louder than words. So better make this into a “photo story”.

Here we were bait in the water for less than ten minutes: “we are not really catching anything are we now?”

Tom 001 (1 of 1)


















And the seagull is waiting for something to eat as well.


Seagul 002 (1 of 1)








Bites are starting to happen so we need to be alert.

Ok, we miss a few bites as we are also doing other stuff that is great fun, like eating and drinking together in the open air.


Tom 003 (1 of 1)




















No worries better luck next time. And wow, look at what next time brings.


Tom 005 (1 of 1)





















Ok it is a bit scary because the thing is still alive.

We decide to take it home and eat it. That is not quite what the seagull expected and disappointed he walks out on us.


Seagul (1 of 1)






But at home the fish is cleaned, and cooked. The old fashioned way: coked in butter and an bit of olive oil.

Hmmmmmmmm this must be the best fish I ever ate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tom 006 (1 of 1)




















Any ideas for the next “special time”? What do you think John, fishing !

And how great to hear he actually ended up dedicating his artwork at school to this experience an wanted to spend the after school hours in the office.

Thanks buddy for a great day!

The Referendum on Smacking In New Zealand: VoteNo.org

With the referendum on smacking at a go and media reporting rather one sided in favor of the so called YES vote. The Vote NO site gives you the other side of the story. The site is understood to be an initiative of Family First, and appears to be supported by the For the Sake of Our Children Trust, FIANZ, the Pasefika Trust, the Fact and Family Trust, the Sensible Sentencing Trust, Unity for Liberty, Focus on the Family, Cross Power and Family Life NZ.

The FAQ page consists of highly condensed yet to the point information in relation to the issues at hand: is the law working, prevention v correction, did this law help stopping child abuse, smacking and minor acts of physical discipline and more. So for those that want to hear the other side of the story as well I recommend you check the site out.

I do recommend you read the pamphlets with real life cases resulting from this law either here >>> or the case descriptions on the Family First website.

In addition to the site itself, you could have a look at the blog, follow this site on twitter or join their facebook group.

Also check out The Yes Vote Fail site for a slightly lighter approach, where I found the videos below.