Photo Journal: My Smallest Audience Ever

We love our animal visitors here and again this year we are pleased with the monarch butterflies laying their eggs and offering us the opportunity to see those eggs turn into the beautiful butterflies.

But as you know I play guitar, and it is always great to play for an audience. But this audience must have been the smallest in size ever. While playing through some new material this moth landed on my guitar and must have been there for quite a few minutes. It was as if giving a private concert. Amazing.

Photo Journal: Butterfly and the Bible

Some time ago I posted a picture of one of the ‘adopted’ butterflies in the house after we’d rescued the cocoons from the winter cold. When going through my archive I stumbled upon the pictures below and upon a closer look I realized that this was probably even more amazing. Of all the places this good butterfly could have chosen to sit down after the first short flight, it landed on the Bible to rest and get ready for the real world.

And sure enough. After spending some time hanging on to God’s word the beautiful creature was ready for the real world.

In hindsight it is a beautiful illustration:

By hanging on to His word we’ll find the strength and confidence and guidance to live a life as He meant it to be and open ourselves up for hearing what He has to tell us.

Photo journal: Butterfly Resqued from the Cold

As it has been cold we noticed that the last caterpillars seemed a bit lifeless so we took them in and placed them in our warm home. Three turned out to be beautiful butterflies. The last one, almost as to show his appreciation came out of its cocoon when we were not watching. So here I was on a quiet early morning to find a butterfly land next to the computer on some books only to find it come to ‘papa’ and hang out on my arm for some time. It was a great moment I shared with our adopted butterfly that spend most of the day flying around the house until the sun came through and it was time to go out and have fun. It was a bit hard though trying to get a sharp picture with one hand and pointing towards yourself almost.