Photo Journal: Fourwa++ Birdlings and around Lake Forsyth

Some time ago I had the pleasure of a night of improvised music with the Fourwa++ collective at Birdlings Flat.

Fourwatt could be described as many things:
A collective of artists, a production company, a recording house or a creative agency. Ultimately, however, Fourwatt is dedicated to unleashing and celebrating the creative process, nurturing new talent and creating ground-breaking work – be it music, film, literature or art.

The collective consists of four artists in their own right: Tony Piggott, Ben Campbell, Lukas Kelly and Manisha Lee. As a group, the four bring together expertise in music production, the visual arts, graphic and web design, advertising, event production, video production, writing, journalism and new media to form a highly unique collective skill set. Fourwatt also has a number of talented ‘in-house’ musicians, writers, artists and directors in its coffers, collaborating regularly on projects based in New Zealand.

Having seen some of the other productions and remembering some of the other musical avenues, I certainly thing there is a good point in collective creation. It changed my view certainly on songwriting, music production and arranging.

Around Lake Forsyth

Besides a great time being there, the trip up there was amazing. I always end up driving past Lake Forsyth, through Little River on to Akaroa, but this time my destination took me off the beaten track through the Wairewa Conservation Area, Te Oka Reserve and Magnet Bay Reserve. What an amazing littl detour this turned out to be. Amazing views made it hard not to drive straight of the 4wd track distracted by the views.

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