Free E-Book, Exploring the Resurrection of Jesus

With Easter coming up, the resurrection story will be at the center of attention. The Biblical Archeological Review, gives away this a really worthwhile e-book on the very subject matter. All you need to do is register for their free email newsletter.

Not even the intense drama and tragedy of Jesus’ trial, passion, death and burial can prepare one for the utter shock at what comes next in the well-known story: Jesus’ resurrection. The Gospels recount varying stories of the disciples’ astonishment and confusion as they encounter the resurrected Jesus. In this free e-book, expert Bible scholars and archaeologists offer in-depth research and reflections on the resurrection story.

Some of the articles in the book include:

Emmaus Where Christ Appeared by Hershel Shanks

The Resurrection of Resurrection by NT Wright

Thinking About Easter by Marcus J Borg

To Be Continued… by Michael W Holmes

The book can be downloaded here >>>