Nats acted with sheer vindictiveness

Eight months on from Labour’s election loss, former prime minister Helen Clark has no regrets and she rejects suggestions that Labour alienated voters by pushing through measures such as the child discipline bill.

Now in New York as head of the United Nations Development Programme, Miss Clark has also revealed unease at the National Government’s direction on climate change and says its scrapping of her flagship sustainability agenda was motivated by sheer vindictiveness.

I had a little bit of a smile on my face when I read the article. Quite honestly I think that the loss of Labour is a combination of alienating voter and a total lack of campaign. Remember, it was never about why yes to Labour and always about why no to National.

But now this, vindictiveness as a hidden agenda behind the change in course on the sustainability agenda. Should she not applaud the fact that there is still some of her “flagship” afloat? Good Lord Helen, are you not taking yourself a bit too serious, “your” flagship?

More and more reports are appearing that this whole climate change thingy has nothing to do with human interference. You were looking to have New Zealanders hand over substantial amounts of tax money (which many don’t have) for the sake of being part of the club, your club for that matter. Vindictiveness… get real and step of that horse, you are starting to sound like some of the Labour supporters on Grassroots Labour (ning network). How cheap but most of all not addressing anything of value.

In the end it is clear now that it was never about democracy and all about you and your ideology: just sit back people and let Mother Helen take care of you by creating the perfect nanny state. Well guess what, vindictiveness has none to do with it. The children grew up after eight years, found out that mother had not been completely honest and found a new foster home.

Have fun in New York.