Looking Back at Harmony 1st year celebratory weekend


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We are so grateful for what God has done over Harmony Church’s first anniversary weekend held 19-22 February 2010.
We started the weekend on Friday night with a fantastic line up of talent with Live Concert by Hannah Donald, Stephen James, and Band Grace Falls.  The night show cased all the artists talent beautifully.  Each element of the Concert bringing a new layer of enjoyment.  The testimonies were sincere and encouraging.  Jesse O’Brien, better known in New Zealand for his part in ‘New Zealand Idol’ had energy for all.  Stephen James guitar work was especially wonderful and Hannah’s sweet and strong voice was very inviting. Hannah’s harmonies especially when coupled first with Stephen, and then Grace Irving, were delectable.  The 3 acts provided a wonderful variety but also congruency in their message.  A great evening had by all.
Saturday saw the Bob Fitts Worship seminar.  There were many testimonies of how special this was with Bob taking seminar goers deeper into the depths of understanding God’s amazing love and grace.  The evening Concert was a very fun event with lots of people ending up dancing in the front with lots of enthusiasm. Sunday morning, we had the pleasure of Bob and Kathy Fitts’s presence once again in our Service.  Many were touched as Bob encouraged us to reach out to the Father.  These were holy moments.
Monday, Joaquin Evans, a young man full of God, hailing from Bethel Church in Redding, California was an inspiration in the afternoon with testimonies of healing’s he had witnessed and encouraging us to step out and trust the ‘Healer’.  “It’s not about us, its ALL about God”.  Many were prayed for and healing’s occurred.  The evening meeting was full.  Joaquin once again brought many amazing stories of miraculous healing’s that we were all encouraged by.  After speaking and building faith, he invited people to respond to God and reach out for healing with many different conditions being called out.  There was such an air of excitement and expectation it was quite electric.  Many people were still present at 11pm and the building was finally cleared at midnight. Many healing’s took place and people were encouraged not to take “offence” when God did not answer their prayers exactly “yet” in the way they hoped and to not let that discourage them from pursuing God as healer.
What a FEAST of a weekend!  God was Centre from the start and in every element.  What a wonderful way to celebrate our first anniversary.  At first we had thought we should do something to mark the occasion with our Harmony family and then we felt led to open the events up to the City to bless the wider body.  Many were blessed and over the next weeks, we hope to share testimonies of what God has done in people’s lives.
Hallelujah, what a Saviour!


A very special weekend it was indeed, one I will look back on for many different reasons. You all did an amazing job and if success of a church is to be measured in terms of transformed lives, this weekend as well as the past year must be showing some incredible statistics and therefore all the right reasons to celebrate. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute I was there, and it had a considerable impact.Who said that churches need to be dull, dusty and boring? What an incredible mix of worship, depth, celebration, a spirit filled weekend for sure! And from a musician’s point of view, I cannot believe the incredible joy it brings when you see young people and ‘old people’ end up dancing and celebrating their hearts out TOGETHER! If we grown ups indeed need to become childlike again, than I have seen some older people pass the exams with shining honors (ps I am talking childlike NOT childish). Keep up the great work, you are an amazing team leading an amazing fellowship.

Thanks from my side for handing my wife that Harmony Church business card invite last August at the petrol station; who could have guessed all that happened since than. Sincere thanks from a rapidly transforming Renaissance Man.


Restless Tour Visits Christchurch

Stephen James, Hannah Donald and Grace Falls are touring New Zealand. On 19 February they will play in Christchurch. Harmony Church, Oaklands School Hall, Cunningham,  Place Halswell, Christchurch. Doors open 7 pm and the concert starts at 7.30 pm. The entry is free but offerings are taken during the concert. A $10 donation is preferred. Eftpos is avalable.

See you there.


Hannah Donald

Stephen James

Grace Falls



Harmony Church started February 15th 2009.
To celebrate the first year a series of events is planned over the anniversary weekend.

If you are situated in Christchurch, pencil this in in your diary. If not in Christchurch: pencil it in anyway and start making travel arrangements.

See you there >>>