Photo Journal: Hagley Park in Spring

As part of the normalization process I our youngest out earlier this week. Finding a parking spot in the center of Christchurch however proved too much of a challenge and instead we ended up in the park because: “IT HAS THE PLAYGROUND AND A CAFE JOHN! An initial attempt to park on Rolleston Avenue failed as the road was closed around the entry of the Canterbury Museum. We could not help wondering how this favorite of Noah was doing.

So a drink and the playground it was going to be. Amazing whether. In another post I said that spring is color and that I have had this weak spot for blossom. Well we were generously treated with amazing sights and colors by a park that in the midst of all the devastation is coming out of its winter sleep.

The entry of the park itself welcomes you with amazing sights straight away, definitely making you want to come in and see more.

And then there is of course the blossom against the blue skies, my jaw dropped.

Or what to think of this amazing flower. In the Netherlands, they use them (dried) in Christmas decorative arrangements. Here the are just along the path!

The blossom so amazing to see a sea of white in between all the green.

So while it is easy, as I initially did to focus on all, the damage especially when driving around, Hagley Park was one way to revitalize in the midst of the chaos and aftershocks of the earthquake. Christchurch can certainly use a good influx of tourists and by the looks of it in Hagley  Park there was no shortage. Thee’s plenty to be seen and Hagley Park is definitely a great place to start on a sunny day.

Noah agreed and had a great time playing together.

Photo Journal: Spring Is Here Again (as far as I am concerned)

Spring might start next month officially, but as far as I am concerned it has arrived.  The weather was nice today and we went for a walk in Hagley Park.The change of season brings its own beautiful mix of colors and scenes and Hagley Park is certainly a place to enjoy that.

For the first time since last autumn we had our lunches outside in the park.
But more importantly: during our walk in the park we had the pleasure to see the first daffodils, crocuses and snow clocks for this year. SPRING HAS ARRIVED as far as I am concerned.

And there were other messengers.

What a fantastic walk it was and again and again I am amazed at how beautiful Hagley Park is. Whatever season.

Go for a walk and see for yourself how beautiful it is there.


Photo Journal: Winter Magic in Hagley Park

What a glorious day today I felt an urge to make pictures but also to clear my head and just be quiet. I ended up in Hagley Park and even if I would have had an urge to talk, sing, pray out loud, I was so blown away by the scenery that I would not have been able to speak a word anyway; it felt at times like I was walking through a fairytale. So, I’ll keep it short and just let the pictures do the talking.

It was an amazing play of mist, light, sunbeams and with that shadows, lines and sun rays and other magic.

What’s left to say but ‘what an amazing collaboration between Creator and the created.’  All I could do is stand back in  awe. I suggest you go and check it out yourself.

From the Old Box: Old Mobile Phone Pictures Redone

When I stumbled upon the enormous amounts of pictures I have been taking with my old mobile phone some weeks ago when cleaning up the inevitable mess on my hard drive, I relived the joy of starting of with what is basically a very low quality picture and challenge myself to try and make something out of it that is still pleasurable for the eye. At the time I remember how so often I was frustrated about the quality and so happy when some of the pictures had a nice quality or something extra. Now finally starting to understand more about this incredible photo editing software I am amazed again at what simple mobile phone pictures end up looking like.

Hagley Park

Amazed by the colors that I did not see before to see an ordinary little photo transform to impressionist painting. It seems like every time we wander along the Avon it looks a bit different depending on the season and the time of day.

An otherwise ordinary tree was caught by the light an its silver trunk lit up amazingly.

One of the many ponds in the Botanical Gardens showed this amazing play of color, light, shadow and reflections in the water.It was as if the white of the flowers in the front made everything else look softer on tone.

On another walk the trees appeared particularly incredible as a result of a mix of dark skies an at the same time the sun trying hard to break through.

The amazing colors of the sky and the fine pattern of branches, an amazing view.

And there it was finally the sun breaking, and all people were happily accepting the light that day. As for the tree: it was as if it had left open this opening in its crown for the light to shine through.

Light Through the Trees

We had been driving to the West Coast and we had been encountering rain, rain, rain. During our stop, a bit of sunshine broke through the clouds in beams that you could almost touch. It let for a beautiful scene when it came through the trees.

The Massive Trees in a Park in Singapore

What an amazing walk this was. These trees were enormous and provided nice an beautiful shaded walkways on an otherwise sunny, moist, beautiful day in Singapore.

More to come soon so keep coming back here.


Going through the rough mobile phone snap shots, I cam across a snapshot of one of the many wonderful ponds in Hagley Park and with some editing it turned out like this paint like snapshot.

Orchids at Hagley Park’s greenhouse


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A walk with a colleague we ended up in the Greenhouse of the Hagley Park Botanical Gardens in Christchurch New Zealand.

I was amazed by these orchids. A substantial part of the park is still in relative winter mode. Not so in the greenhouse. these orchids ready to be admired. Pitty they were being behind glass.

So beautiful you’d wanna touch them.

Two more at