Photo Journal: water

The fountain  in Hagley Park made for spectacular sight looking close up against the light.

Maruia Falls

On the way to Golden Bay we stopped at the Maruia Falls some waterfalls.  Amazing to see and hear the sheer force of the water coming down. This large waterfall was created in an earthquake in 1929. The earthquake caused a slip which blocked the original channel. The water was forced to flow over a small area of farmland and then over a bank back to the channel below the slip. This created a new passage and more erosion from the falling water has increased the drop to some ten metres.

A short track down hill leads to a view of the falls from below and also provided for a great place to have something to eat and drink on the way to Golden Bay.

Pupu Springs

Also quite spectacular were the Pupu Springs and the amazingly clear water, said to be the clearest in the world. Pupu Springs or Waikoropupu as its full name is, can be found in the South Island west of Nelson, near Takaka

In the Bible we find mentions of “living water” and I guess what I saw as Pupu Springs came close to what I imagined that to look like. The color and clarity was just amazing.

Wainui Falls

However what was probably most spectacular was the Wainui Falls in Golden Bay.

A forty minute walk takes you to this waterfall, a walk most worthwhile. The track leads through the forest and over a swing bridge. Minutes after crossing the bridge you will hear the falls and than almost as by surprise you will be right in front of them in all their spraying and noisy marvel.

More to follow on my flickr photostream.

Photo Journal: Ngarua Caves

On our little break in Golden Bay (north west of the South Island of New Zealand) we took some time to go for a tour of the Ngarua Caves in Takaka Hill.

Takaka Hill is for  marble quarry and for many caves, including Ngarua Caves which are open to the public and feature deposits of moa bones. Takaka Hill, as many other areas in and around the Golden Bay, has also been the location for many scenes filmed for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

The caves are located at 2000 feet an d before you enter you can stand back in awe about the views over the bay.

Once in the caves the guide takes you into this amazing world of stalactites and stalagmites: an amazing almost off world experience.

It is not clear who discovered the cave but the signature of H.B. Everett, a 17 year old surveyor’s assistant was carved in the limestone formations.  It was dated 1876 and is the earliest dated signature found according to the guide.

Somewhere during the tour the guide turned off the light and you could literally not see a hand before your eyes. Complete darkness is quite something else.

Absolutely stunning was the view of the “Cathedral”. What no man can design came to mind.

But, enough said have a look below for some more scenes of this marvelous underground world.

Photo Journal: This is the day the Lord Has made cont.


“(J) wow look at those colors over the water. Is it not just amazing!?
(A) Oh ok I’ll stop here, go shoot some pictures I know you want to.
(J) No no, I was just making noticing how beautiful it looks
(A) Right, but now get out and shoot some pictures as it is indeed beautiful (smile)

In the previous post I left with a gallery of sunrise photos but as indicated I can also really appreciate beautiful sunsets. The one  we saw fall over Golden Bay was quite a great closing finale to a great day out and about.

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