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The NZ Herald reports

Kiwi celebrities are being targeted by social networking frauds, who are forging Twitter and Facebook accounts in their names.

False profiles are being created in the names of sports stars such as All Black captain Richie McCaw, Black Caps skipper Daniel Vettori as well as broadcasters and TV personalities.

The fictitious sites are fooling fans and friends into believing the profiles are real.

Internet safety watchdogs say creating a bogus website is illegal under the Crimes Act, and those targeted should take their concerns to police.

Identity Theft, Harassment

The article mentions that people who fin themselves a victim of such practices as described in the article, should go the police as it is according to Martin Crocker a crime to act as someone else. What Crocker appears to overlook or deliberately does not mention is that it is not as clear cut as it may seem.

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The Referendum on Smacking In New Zealand: VoteNo.org

With the referendum on smacking at a go and media reporting rather one sided in favor of the so called YES vote. The Vote NO site gives you the other side of the story. The site is understood to be an initiative of Family First, and appears to be supported by the For the Sake of Our Children Trust, FIANZ, the Pasefika Trust, the Fact and Family Trust, the Sensible Sentencing Trust, Unity for Liberty, Focus on the Family, Cross Power and Family Life NZ.

The FAQ page consists of highly condensed yet to the point information in relation to the issues at hand: is the law working, prevention v correction, did this law help stopping child abuse, smacking and minor acts of physical discipline and more. So for those that want to hear the other side of the story as well I recommend you check the site out.

I do recommend you read the pamphlets with real life cases resulting from this law either here >>> or the case descriptions on the Family First website.

In addition to the site itself, you could have a look at the blog, follow this site on twitter or join their facebook group.

Also check out The Yes Vote Fail site for a slightly lighter approach, where I found the videos below.

Colmar Brunton on Smacking: 83% in favor of smacking to be expected

The One News Colmar Brunton Poll of 1,001 respondents from 25 to 29 July asked several questions on smacking:

70% indicated that they would vote in the referendum, of which 83 percent indicated to vote “no” (e.g. in favor of smacking your children).

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