Photo Journal: Rex

We love our ginger Rex: easygoing, great playmate that also enjoys a quiet afternoon in, well, our bed.

When I lower my right ear it means I want you to go away with that annoying camera of yours. Can’t you see I am having a rest?

Ok ok I’ll leave you to it than.

Thanks for that, bye.


Photo story: Visiting Neighbours

Having a garden is a great thing. I tend to focus my attention on the plants and flowers but more and more it strikes me that with having a garden you get regular visits of the animals living in it or using it as a place to rest, as their playground or workspace or even the place to have their children born.

In the past weeks we have had the pleasure of several visitors.

We had the dragon fly, that played hard to get when it came to having a picture taken. I ended up chasing it through the vege patch trying to avoid stepping on the tomatoes, carrots and beetroot. Of all the plants the dragon fly could use to sit down on and have a picture taken it chose off course the rhubarb plant at the end of the patch. But when it did sit down, it showed itself in all it’s beauty, as if it were posing almost.

Then one morning one of the boys thought an empty shell was lying on the deck. Upon picking it up for a closer inspection, it turned out that a snail was visiting.

After coming out of it shell, it was plodding around on the deck, apparently looking for something.

We asked the snail what it was looking for. ” I heard that that Mrs Monarch was having her nursery here, and wanted to see how things were going.” We advised our little friend that things were well and that the eggs had already hatched to healthy growing caterpillars.

One morning not long after that we had the pleasure of witnessing the transformation from caterpillar to cocoon.

We are all waiting and hoping to be present when this cocoon will be transforming into a beautiful Monarch.