Photo Journal: Blown Away by Ron Mueck Sculptures

From 2 October to 23 January the Christchurch Art Gallery has an exhibition of the works of Ron Mueck, an Australian born, London based artist sculptor. The exhibition is claimed to be the largest to have been presented in the southern hemisphere. (More information can be found on the site of the Art Gallery).

For those who’d like to learn more about the artist, it is best to refer to the wikipedia page of Ron Mueck, which gives you a good starting point. My youngest son an I were all curious and did not know what to expect. We were both blown away and I had a hard time having the youngest one not to touch the sculptures so as to verify whether the hair was real or not.

His sculptures could be typified as super-realistic, and because of the way he uses size and detail they truly seem to have an impact.

And a closer up view should give you an indication of the enormous amount of detail.

It was similar with this pregnant woman.

Initially you are drawn to the face which looks tired, and once you start looking down yo realize that you are dealing with a giant pregnant woman, or as my youngest son’d call it a giant “nudy dudy rudy lady with a baby in her tummy.” Amazing shapes and lines that made me realize again how special a pregnant woman really is.

Also hard to be missed was this enormous sculpture of a wild man.

The facial expression is just amazing.

And no it is not the nudity. I was particularly struck with the following two smaller sculptures and the sense of isolation they seem to express.

More photos of the exhibition can be found on flickr here>>> but my suggestion would be to go and see it for yourself. It is definitely worth it.

On youtube I found the movies that are also shown in the context of the exhibition and give you an idea of the artist and his work.

I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on Ron Mueck’s work.