Announcement: DAVID SILVER (from Jerusalem) on The Church, Israel & End Times

Saturday 13 November (Show Weekend)

FREE Seminar from 9am to 12noon (Offering taken)

Where: Riccarton Baptist Church, 80 Rattray St

as well as Public Gospel Event with David on WHY ARE THE EYES OF THE WORLD ON ISRAEL?

Friday 12 November @ Burnside High – 7.30pm (free event)

Hosted by Harmony Church, Riccarton Baptist Church & Others

Check out or call Wilton on 03-384 0906

Max Palmer, Life Resources
Gideon Hoekendijk, Harmony Church
Paul Cossey, Riccarton Baptist Church
Sally Cowie, Christ’s Church Pray
Frankie Victor, Aliyah Fellowship

David and Josie Silver are Kiwi’s who live on Mt Carmel in northern Israel. David is the founder / director of Out of Zion Ministries after being involved in evangelism campaigns in Russia and Central Asia. For the last ten years he has travelled to many different countries teaching the Church about God’s plans and purposes for Israel and the Biblical relationship of the true Church to Israel and the Jewish people.

David is the author of the book “A Slow Train Coming” and his wife Josie heads up an email based international intercession network, INTERCESSORS FOR THE RESTORATION OF ISRAEL (I.R.I.), which includes an annual 7day prayer summit in Israel with intercessors coming from all around the world. This network focuses on praying in the things that will bring about the full restoration of Israel, thus hastening the coming of the Messiah and bringing real peace to Israel and the World!, and is currently involved in an intercessory watch up on Mt. Carmel.