Chad Dedmon Bethel Healing School coming to Christchurch

Easter Monday 5th of April, Harmony Church will be hosting Chad Dedmon from Bethel Healing school who will be taking a Healing Seminar 2-5pm ($20 admission). Open meeting at 7pm(Offering taken).

About Chad

Chad is good friend of Joaquin Evans (Bethel Healing Rooms) who was with us at Harmony in March for Healing meetings where we saw some amazing healings.

Chad is in NZ for a series of conferences up North with Heidi Baker and other Bethel Church Staff and agreed to visit us in Christchurch for a day.

Chad and Julia Dedmon are ordained ministers through Bethel Church and the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Chad has appeared on the 700 Club and Sid Roth “It’s Supernatural”, and in Charisma Magazine. Julia is sadly not able to be with us on this occasion, but is also a gifted speaker, worship leader, and moves in prophetic song. Together they are passionate to see the Spirit of the Lord fully poured out on all nations and have travelled to 14 countries in the past year alone! The have seen the Kingdom of God come in love, power, salvation, and healing miracles!

Chad is bringing 2 interns from the School of Supernatural Ministry to minister with him.

via Chad Dedmon Bethel Healing School.

Hosted by Harmony Church, Christchurch

For more info call 03 338 4253 – –

What others say

England 2009:

New Wine Conference –
Legs grew, deaf ears opened

Chiswick Christian Centre-
Woman healed of fibroids on her uterus- doctors report verified of this!

South Africa 2009:

Wednesday night: legs grow, people healed

Thursday night: Julia did a soaking night with all the worship team members from Joshua Generation.  About 250 people showed up and the Father’s love was so strong.  People were healed and delivered all just by resting in the Father’s love.  I had them bring pillows and blankets to the church for the soaking time.  Myself and another team member, Kris played music and invited the Father’s love to come and minister to people: Jennie and Lexi prayed for people while they were resting in His love.

Thursday night:  Chad and James went into a poor SA township and prayed for the sick.  They saw 4 deaf ears open up and a little boy whose legs did not work properly began to run (everyone knew this little boy in the community).

Friday night: Went into an African community and saw so many healings there

Saturday:  Taught and trained on the Treasure Hunt model by Kevin Dedmon.  Released 250 people onto the streets of Cape town.  Saw salvations and many healings, miracles.

Pemba, Mozambique 2009:

Bush Outreaches

Partial deafness restored and pain in the right ear gone

Right left healed to lift and bend at the hip and knee

Multiple head pain healed

Lady healed of back injury, able to bend down and over again.

Muslim man healed of back pain, then received Jesus into his heart

Man healed of rheumatitis in leg, could bend and leg grew at outreach

American woman, visiting from Washington DC, deaf right ear shortly after birth. Prayed for many times, ear pops, then hearing and repeating from 12-15 ft away.

Mozambican pastors Bible school- 5+ year students

Many had encounters and got blasted in the Spirit. One pastor saw a vision of a bucket in the centre of class and that is where the pastor who got drunk first was sitting.

Harvest School of Mission

One of the most powerful activation sessions, many were activated in Word of Knowledge and many were healed that afternoon.

Girl healed of arrhythmia of the heart

Multiple legs grew out

Korean woman’s leg grew out and her back was healed from chronic pain

Bush outreach team leader healed of chronic pain in the elbow, then her leg grew out which released the pain in the hip.

Johannesburg- Breakthrough Life Church

Children activated in healing

Young woman received holy laughter and Jesus delivered from panic attacks, extreme fear and anxiety of being robbed.

Pastor’s son healed of a neck injury from doing butterfly jumps on a trampoline.

Woman’s right ear completely healed of deafness, heard and repeated words that were 15-20 ft away in a noisy room.

Man’s knee healed, pain from a soccer injury gone, had pain for 2 and half months.

Word of knowledge for heart transplant, woman felt heat in her heart and felt a change

Young woman experienced the Father’s love for the first time

Many legs grew out

Prayed for woman over the phone, scheduled to get neck surgery the next day, bones in her neck healed, MRI results showed complete healing, cancelled surgery! (received this testimony one week after the meeting

A word of knowledge 6 months was released. Woman responded and called her friend who had been in a car accident 6 months prior. God healed the left side of her body and pain immediately left, metal screws in her shoulder and elbow dissolved allowing full mobility. Chad prophesied over her life and family, which were accurate. She came to meeting the next night.

Hluhluhwe (between Johannesburg and Durban)

Woman’s knee pain-free for the first time in one and half year, couldn’t walk or stand for long periods of time.

Several legs grew out!
Man’s elbow now pain-free, tested it out by holding a Bible and rotating his arm.
Middle-aged man healed 95% of conditions: back, sinus, head migranes. Had severe migranes since whiplash accident since he was 17.

Durban-Shiloh Ministries

Many people activated in Word of Knowledge during service.

Woman’s right knee healed, pain-free for the first time in 30 years!

Elbow healed and pain-free for the first time in 20 years!

Tailbone and lower back pain gone, pain for 6 years

man’s son healed of two rugby injuries: ankle and knee, even though he was not at the meeting.

Multiple legs grew out!

Right rib healed-Man fell off 8 foot ladder, cracked a rib and experienced excruciating pain. He felt his rib move in the meeting. For the first time in a couple weeks, he slept through the night pain-free!

Angelic presence—woman felt a hand stroke her right cheek and heard the Lord say, “I love you lots and lots like Smarties.” Smarties is the name of her favourite candy.

Kris prophesied over a young woman, she said she saw a vision of her taking the hand of Jesus and sat in His lap, and then she was the Golden Gate in heaven.

Worship leader fully healed of neck injury and hip pain from car/whiplash accident 4 years ago.

Laughed with a woman and God totally healed her knees from pain and soreness

18 year old girl’s sinuses opened up for the first time in 18 years.

10 year old boy delivered from intense fear and anxiety when Chad hugged him. Also, healed of a polio-like illness which kept him from making a fist, he was able to hold onto objects (pen and keychain) in his hand.

Woman healed from sore throat and pain in the uterus decreased significantly.

Young woman’s right eye had a cataract that changed from gray to blue and began to see light with it.