Irritating Christchurch Earthquake Questions

I so had enough of the small messages and posts about how come so many churches were damaged so badly? As if the last aftershocks were all about God trying to make a point to us. God had nothing to do with it: the earth did what the earth does. Those churches they were older buildings just like some secular icons in the wrong place. So no, God was not trying to make a point to the Anglicans and Catholics by destroying their cathedrals, as well as the baptists and other denominations.

How come no one asks: how come some many church buildings did survive? How come he missed so many that, in biblical terms deserve judgment? Was God having an off day missing the mark so badly? God was not having a bad day, he did not miss the mark, he had nothing to do with it. If he was really after the churches, would he not have waited till Sunday morning if he was behind all this?

Why were so many Christians gathering last Sunday in the churches that did survive or in other alternative places. How come so many, even those in the gravest circumstances displayed an amount of peace and love that many non-Christians could only dream of? Ah probably because you knew the obvious answers already: people gathered in their own or other churches either because they are trying to make up with an angry God or because they did not get the message or because they were after the free after service coffee and tea with home bake.

I know that the Bible says that love is patient but please stop testing it with questions to which you already know the answer or that are actually not sincere.


Invitation: Clive Carr Speaking at Harmony Church

See You Tomorrow

Clive is pastor of New Heart Church & director of Ellel Int. Ministries in Ballyclare, Northern Ireland, UK.  He has been speaking at Greenlane Christian Centre in Auckland the last few weeks and we have heard fantastic reports!

He ministers with a unique pastoral and powerful prophetic gift. Not to be missed….

About Clive Carr

Clive Carr originates from Dublin, Ireland. His church background is made up of Anglican, Presbyterian, Brethren, Charismatic House Groups and Pentecostal. In 1975 he got converted and in 1977 was dramatically filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and received a call from God to serve Him in ministry. In 1979 he served with with Operation Mobilisation, in 1982 attended Bible College in England, and in 1985 he was ordained as a minister in the Elim Churches and was pastoring until 1998 with them. He has had the privilege to travel to over fifty countries and has experience in interdenominational events and cross-cultural ministry. He is an associate teacher of Ellel International Ministries in evangelism, healing and deliverance work.

In 1999 the Lord gave Clive a vision for a ministry that would touch the hearts of men and women with the healing power of God’s love. As an evangelist, Clive believes that the heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart. Hence New Heart Ministries was founded on Ezekiel 36v26: “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you.” He is now heading up this ministry which has a church base and a ministry to the further body of Christ. He is involved in directing and pastoring New Heart Church and Ministries and also has a travelling ministry to other churches and nations.

As a PASTOR, EVANGELIST, and TEACHER, Clive believes in moving under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and loves to minister in a relaxed informal and spontaneous manner. He shares in an inspirational and exciting way with humour and yet is sensitive to the powerful move of the Holy Spirit. His teaching ministry is accompanied with the prophetic and word of knowledge gifts. He likes to give time for personal ministry, laying on of hands, impartation, etc. Clive ministers with the conviction that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today, and that signs and wonders do follow the preaching of the Word.

More information at, I look forward meeting you there tomorrow at 10. 00 AM