Irritating Christchurch Earthquake Questions

I so had enough of the small messages and posts about how come so many churches were damaged so badly? As if the last aftershocks were all about God trying to make a point to us. God had nothing to do with it: the earth did what the earth does. Those churches they were older buildings just like some secular icons in the wrong place. So no, God was not trying to make a point to the Anglicans and Catholics by destroying their cathedrals, as well as the baptists and other denominations.

How come no one asks: how come some many church buildings did survive? How come he missed so many that, in biblical terms deserve judgment? Was God having an off day missing the mark so badly? God was not having a bad day, he did not miss the mark, he had nothing to do with it. If he was really after the churches, would he not have waited till Sunday morning if he was behind all this?

Why were so many Christians gathering last Sunday in the churches that did survive or in other alternative places. How come so many, even those in the gravest circumstances displayed an amount of peace and love that many non-Christians could only dream of? Ah probably because you knew the obvious answers already: people gathered in their own or other churches either because they are trying to make up with an angry God or because they did not get the message or because they were after the free after service coffee and tea with home bake.

I know that the Bible says that love is patient but please stop testing it with questions to which you already know the answer or that are actually not sincere.


Come and preach to us, say churches |

Three Hamilton churches have flipped the scripture and want the un-converted to preach to them.

The West Hamilton Anglican Parish, Holy Trinity and All Saints Anglican churches are hosting a meeting called Why I Stopped Going To Church.

Michael Hewat, vicar of West Hamilton Anglican Parish, said the novel idea was to re-connect with people who used to be church-goers, but for some reason stopped.

“People stop going to church for a number of reasons. It can be for lifestyle reasons or that they feel like they’ve been hurt by the church in the past.

“Some people feel they were let down and this is a chance to let them get those feelings off their chest,” Mr Hewat said.

“Maybe they felt religion was pushed too much at school. We want to hear from them, and also to apologise where necessary.”

Mr Hewat wanted people to realise the fellowship and enrichment that church life and a relationship with God could bring.

He said many churches had moved with the times, including his. “We’ve moved away from the four-hymn sandwich and liturgy to something a bit more interactive.”

The meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 25, at West Hamilton Anglican Church, Rifle Range Rd, at 7.30pm.

Clergy will be present but to listen only; they will not speak or seek to defend the church. Laymen and women, including some who themselves have returned to church, will host the evening.

I would think this is an idea that could be used on a broader basis. Remember the selling of garbage post (

“No one’s buying my product or services at the moment”. The recession is killing my business.”

Perhaps it is time to turn the tables around and give people a chance to speak their hearts. Contact your clients and ask them why they stopped buying.
Be like those clergy men: listen only, don’t defend yourself.

What would it take to win back the business and loyalty of those lost clients/customers?

Was it really just the recession or did you maybe over time when times were good start taking these parties an their business for granted?

Only one way to find out and you know what it is.

Good luck

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