Photo Journal: Some Favorite Landscapes of the Past Year

It has not been the most productive year in terms of blog posts. So instead I will look back at the past year with some favorites, while I have started uploading more extensive collections to my flickr account. Other posts to come will cover flowers plants and trees, and one for objects and buildings.

A trip to Dunedin Peninsula

A trip to Dunedin with the family and stayed in a little batch on the Otago Peninsula. What an amazing environment. On the way there we had the inevitable visit to the Mouraki Boulders. Regardless of the boulders, the beach is a beautiful spot in itself, but the boulders do make it a very special place.


The scenery around the Otago Peninsula can be described as plain spectacular only.




One evening my oldest son and I stayed out to watch the spectacular skies that come with a northwester wind and a sunset. Like here in Christchurch it proves for very colorful skies.


An afternoon to Little River

On  the way to Akaroa you pass Little River. On the way back home, the sun was starting to go down and heavy weather was coming in. I ended up in between the sunset and severe clouds around Lake Ellesmere. It resulted in very beautiful strange light scenery.





Visiting our friends near the Nelson Lakes always great times and always spectacular scenery. My favorite old tree on the back paddock and the rainbow over one of the lakes absolutely breathtaking when you are there.



In and around Christchurch

It is easy to forget how much amazing scenery there is in and around Christchurch so here some of my favorite spots.









Is it not amazing that this is all within a half an hours to 45 minutes drive away from home.


Akaroa and Birdlings Flat

No year seems to go by without at least one visit to Akaroa and on the way thereto or from Akaroa: Birdlings Flat.





Guy Fawkes day, here I am ready to shoot fireworks over the bay in Wellington. As it turns out the event was postponed to the next Saturday som more people could come. Still beautiful there at night though.



Photo Journal: Before or After

The other day we went to Akaroa for a good day out with the family. As always I had a cameras with me and in recent times I have started to try and capture the different members of the family. I find photographing people difficult for some reason, and my boys are not all that much into the posing. So I try to sneak up on them or using a the zoom, do it when they are not aware of me taking pictures. At some point I called to my youngest son “look look” and “gotcha.” This was the result:

Now while nice, with the beach dirt making for playful spots and discoloring, it was the post chocolate-ice cream that really brought a smile on my face.

Now there is a boy being a boy.

It got me to think about portraits and what has my preference. The nice shot like you get from school or the shot that shows the person as he or she really is. I think I prefer the latter. Maybe that is why I like street photography so much?

What are your thoughts?


Photo Journal: Fourwa++ Birdlings and around Lake Forsyth

Some time ago I had the pleasure of a night of improvised music with the Fourwa++ collective at Birdlings Flat.

Fourwatt could be described as many things:
A collective of artists, a production company, a recording house or a creative agency. Ultimately, however, Fourwatt is dedicated to unleashing and celebrating the creative process, nurturing new talent and creating ground-breaking work – be it music, film, literature or art.

The collective consists of four artists in their own right: Tony Piggott, Ben Campbell, Lukas Kelly and Manisha Lee. As a group, the four bring together expertise in music production, the visual arts, graphic and web design, advertising, event production, video production, writing, journalism and new media to form a highly unique collective skill set. Fourwatt also has a number of talented ‘in-house’ musicians, writers, artists and directors in its coffers, collaborating regularly on projects based in New Zealand.

Having seen some of the other productions and remembering some of the other musical avenues, I certainly thing there is a good point in collective creation. It changed my view certainly on songwriting, music production and arranging.

Around Lake Forsyth

Besides a great time being there, the trip up there was amazing. I always end up driving past Lake Forsyth, through Little River on to Akaroa, but this time my destination took me off the beaten track through the Wairewa Conservation Area, Te Oka Reserve and Magnet Bay Reserve. What an amazing littl detour this turned out to be. Amazing views made it hard not to drive straight of the 4wd track distracted by the views.

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