Remember the Reason!

Also remember this: It’s not just an annual religious celebration but a never-ending death-shattering manifestation. It’s more than I can comprehend on any given day. Yes, let’s all not stop to worship but let’s also not stop after Easter.

One thought on “Remember the Reason!

  1. Spiritual Life Ministry wish you all Christian Nation in the world Happy Easter with lots of love & happiness… My dear friends today the message of God is Resurrection of Christ! As you know all Christian people in the world celebrating the “Sun Raise Service” and Easter.I want tell you something about the sun raise service.Jesus was raised from dead.This is the resurrection of Jesus Christ!Let us see the book of Psalms 6:5 says no one remember you when He is dead.who praise you from the grave.we see psalms 115:17 it is not the dead who praise the Lord,those who down to is we who extol the Lord both now and forever.Isaiah 9:6 says He will be called wonderful .Jesus Christ is only one wonderful.Jesus Christ is without physically father born Jesus is wonderful.Jesus dead back to life.three people dead and some other dead bodies.Jesus is wonderful in the name of Jesus all evil spirits get out,therefore Jesus is the name of the Jesus all sick people get heal,therefore Jesus is wonderful.Jesus walks on the waters because He is wonderful.Five breads and two fish they all ate and were satisfied.the number of men who had eaten was five thousand the disciples picked up the twelve baskets full of broken pieces of bread and fish.therefore Jesus is wonderful.when Jesus had taken the seven loaves and a few small fish .Jesus gave thanks for them also.the people ate and were satisfied about four thousand man were present.the disciples picked up seven basket full of broken piece that were lift over because Jesus is wonderful.Jesus had done so many mirculous in the world.God said to Adam for dust you are and to dust you will return,but Jesus who dead on the cross was same Jesus who had come back from the grave.Matthew 28:1 After the Sabbath,at dawn on the first day of the week,Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb.there was a violent earthquake for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and going to the Tomb,rolled back the stone and sat on it.His appearance was like lighting and His clothes were whites as snow,the guards were so afraid of him that they shook and became like dead men.The angel said to women ,”Do not be afraid for I know that you are looking for Jesus,who was crucified.He is not here,He has risen,just as he said,come and see the place where He lay.Then go quickly and tell His disciples.he has risen from the dead.The empty Tomb of Jesus Christ.Praise the Lord.He is risen.Hallelujah !Amen once again Happy Easter to you all. from and my family. your brother in Christ! pastor yousaf Haroon


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