johndierckx’s photostream


Some pictures from out little trip to Le Bons Bay earlier this year.

4 thoughts on “johndierckx’s photostream

  1. Lovely pictures John. They look like something you would see in National Geographics mag. I love how you zoom in and your selection of what you take a picture of. I know nothing about photography but I do enjoy looking at your pictures. Thank you for sharing them. God Bless, Kimberly

    • Thank you very much Kimberly, although that may be a little bit too much credit. I a not an educated photographer of any kind and when it comes to that it is all very intuitive and spirit lead. Photography has been one of the ways to better appreciate the beauty of God’s creation and the versatility thereof. Besides that it provides that great excuse to go out and spend time alone with God or with my family or both. Glad you are enjoying them.

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