Journal: FIRE ALARM IN THE POOL: a big hand of applause for Jelly Park Staff and Russley School staff and students

In the past week I have been frequenting the Jelly Park as two of my sons were having their Russley School swimming program there.







While watching one of my sons going in the deep for the first time, fire alarm signals started to blow through the pool, and the pool needed to be evacuated.

I was amazed first of all about the resilience of the little seven year old’s while being escorted out in the rain to wait for further instructions.Many of them freezing cold, but nonetheless, calm and relatively unshaken by the whole matter. I guess earthquakes and aftershocks may have some  to do with that but mist of all it was the professional and cordial manner in which both swimming pool staff and Russley School staff escorted these children out.

As it turned put it was a drill, but all the same BIG HANDS UP FOR ALL OF YOU!!!!!Swimming pool staff, teachers and most of all students. During last assembly I was told that some government departmentt had expressed their amazement about the school environment and the students, well I can say, I wish they had been here today at the pool. 7 year old’s being more disciplined than many adults would have been in the same situation. Calm and following instructions without panicking. It was actually amazing no matter what anyone else says.

I care about safety and emotions well being in these situations and both were taken really good care off. I heard some parents complain about some not so trivial matters. Quite honestly I do not get it,  as I know for sure now that my children are in very safe hands now with the staff at Jelly Park and the teachers at Russley School.



One thought on “Journal: FIRE ALARM IN THE POOL: a big hand of applause for Jelly Park Staff and Russley School staff and students

  1. Hi John,

    Very nice story. It brought back memories of when I was teaching. Fond memories. It’s great to hear a parent sing the praises of teaching staff members, and others who are responsible for the safety and well-being of children. As quiet as it might be kept, all teachers aren’t teaching simply for the paycheck. 🙂 They truly do care. For me, teaching was a calling on my life, and I still miss it very, very much. I had to resign very prematurely, because of health issues. So thanks. Reading your post was a nice way to start my day. Enjoy the rest of your day! God bless!


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