Photo Journal: Take a boy out shooting (pictures), introducing Tom Dierckx

Earlier this week I took one of my three beautiful son’s out to go and shoot pictures. If you ask this determined six year old what he wants to become, he’ll tell you that he wants “to be an “artist” when he grows up. He said it when he was four years old and he so far maintains this passion including the endless production that comes with being a six year old. As I have seen him trying to get a hold of my camera, I handed him my old one (Fuji Finepix A900 that needs to be put on the heater before the zoom works) and asked him if he wanted to go for a drive to shoot pictures.

Sure, where do you want to go?

I’ll let you decide that but whatever happens it will include a visit to our newly discovered UNA bakery.

On the way to the bakery he told me he wanted to go into town, earthquake struck as it may be, that’s where he wanted to go and shoot pictures. I will have to say, it was actually quite an inspiration to me as well. In the midst of all the devastation kids pick up on entirely different things.

During our almost two and a half hour walk through town I he took many pictures (as I did but that is for another post) and I would like to share some of them here in this slideshow  below.

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What an amazingly rewarding afternoon and introducing Tom Dierckx, the Little Renaissance Man.