It’s a matter of trust; further thoughts on a Rick Warren mail

Recently, today actually I received this Daily Hope email by Rick Warren, author “The Purpose Driven Life.”

It’s A Matter of Trust
by Rick Warren

“Trust me in your times of trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.” Psalm 50:15 (NLT)

When I ask people what keeps them from trusting in God, they say, “Well I haven’t seen what’s on the other end so I’m not going to trust it.” And yet they trust in things they can’t see all the time.

We can’t see television or radio waves, but we watch TV and listen to the radio every day. We can’t see cell phone waves, but we use them all the time without thinking. It’s selective trust. We trust what we want to trust.

What about you? Are you willing to trust in the One who is unseen but is more reliable, more dependable than any technology this world could create? Are you willing to commit your life to him?

While I understood what Rick Warren was referring to, it felt as if an opportunity was left to further explain.

A Missed Opportunity

Rick Warren rightfully points out that we trust the radio and air waves. I could add to that that we trust in electricity, which is a similarly unseen force of nature. But while they are unseen, that does not mean we trust, as Rick Warren suggests, “selectively.” The power in the examples Rick Warren puts forward is not so much in the unseen nature of the force but in the fact that their workings prove themselves to be reliable time and time again. We are not trusting in the airwaves because we want to trust that airwaves are for real. We not so much put our trust in electricity because we are selective in our trust but because it never seems to let us down in terms of our expectations. Simply put: it works.

Is it not exactly the same with God? While we may not be able to see God, we see the results of His work all around us to an extent where it makes sense to put your trust in God, just like electricity, airwaves et all, not because you want to trust selectively but because you you GOD WORKS.