How Social Media Use Affects Students

Social media has seamlessly integrated into our lives, and I guess especially among the younger generations. I only have to look at my own students, virtually without exception they all have use Facebook.  But the ubiquity of social media in a student’s life has some serious positive and negative effects.

You decide where the balance is.

The infographic below which was sent to me through for further publication, weighs the pros and cons of social media application in a daily student routine.

Is Social Media Ruining Students?

It is clear though that given the large numbers of students on Facebook, and by now we understand that ‘students’ may well include people from seven years and up, we can no longer ignore it. I guess families as well as educational institutions may want to look at this reality and see where they can come up with creative ways to  curb the negative effects. If social media, Facebook,  is part of our youngsters realities we’ll have to make it part of our realities.

Personally, I like Facebook, it has been of great use during the immediate time after the earthquake and I have found it useful to keep in contact with students. More than once I have had students telling me that they prefer to be contacted via facebook as opposed to normal email or mobile phone even. So I go with it and have fun with it. At the same time I realize how easy it is to get sucked in and end up losing precious time (lots of it) to find you never got done what you set out to do. So if anything finding the right balance and priority is important.

What are your thoughts?

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