Photo Journal: Autumn is Approaching

While many of us in the Northern hemisphere are celebrating the start of the spring, the nice days, we here in New Zealand are ‘celebrating’ the start of Autumn: the coloring of the leaves and .. mushrooms, lots of them it seems. In the garden, as well as in the forest. Maybe I was not paying attention in previous years or maybe it has to do with the earthquake(s) but there seemed to be more of them this year than I noticed in previous years.

I have to say never before have I seen them freshly shot out of the ground so clearly, as the needles of the pine trees were still standing up around them.

They were everywhere in different shapes and sorts.

But I guess the highlight for all of us was to be greeted by a fantail, just as curious about us as we were about him or her.

More photos will be uploaded to my flickr photostream. See you there as well.