Earthquake Relief Scams Info

As was to be expected some will see the earthquake as an opportunity to scam others. The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE) published a list of genuine Earthquake relief organizations including their banking details.

I suggest to these organizations for any donation. Additionally a good a blog on earthquake relief organizations can be found on charity navigator here >>>

Keeping the Kids Occupied with Earthquake Coloring and Activity Pages

With schools closed and limited movement for the boys I had a look around for some coloring-ins or other printable materials /activities to keep the boys occupied. Since I bet there are others out there I thought I’d share the links I found.

Here >>> you can find different separately printable activity sheets and a coloring page.

Over here >>> on the AZBPS webiste you can download three “Master of Disaster activity books for level 1 to 3 students, (Grade K1 to Grader 6-8) consisting information about earthquakes to useful activities such as hazard hunts around the house and neighborhood to arts and crafts projects to even making your own seismograph.

Here >>> I found a duck-cover and hold on coloring page.

Here >>> you can download a coloring book featuring Tommy Tsunami and Ernie Earthquake with useful information on what to do before, during and after a tsunami or earthquake.

And finally here >>> you can download and print a Earthquake Survival Program activity book for kids of about 11 pages.

Hope this helps, I know it is working for me here.