Alert: Suspicious females want access to houses, Christchurch

Through Neighborhood Support this press release came in from the Christchurch Police.

Suspicious females want access to houses

Police are concerned with young females attempting to gain access to resident’s houses.

There have been several incidents in the Northern Christchurch Area where a female aged between 18 to 35 years has approached elderly residents asking to use their phone and or toilet. On some occasions they have been allowed access to the house.

Police are concerned that this person or persons are using this as an opportunity to steal items from address then or later.

Sergeant Todd WEBLEY of the Papanui Police said “If you don’t know the person don’t let them in your house”.

Police suggest that they are to be directed to the nearest public toilet or the phone is handed out the door to them to use.

If anyone has any suspicions about someone wanting access to their house they are asked to call the Police.

Sergeant Todd WEBLEY

Papanui Police

Ph 374 1717


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