How Low Can One Go?

It is terrible if you lost your house in the earthquake or if you house suffered severe damage. It is absolutely terrible if you are so shaken up by the aftershocks that you end up going (temporarily) to another part of New Zealand or even overseas to get some rest, leaving your home and contents behind. What is even worse though is that there are those that find in all this an opportunity to rob you of your personal possessions. I could not help but being appalled when I read the following news clipping:

Burglars targeting empty homes

Thieves are targeting Christchurch homes left empty after the earthquake, police say.
Detective Sergeant Mike Earl said “quite a number” of unoccupied houses had been burgled.
Hot-water cylinders had been taken for their copper. The price of the metal has increased recently, making it attractive to opportunist burglars.

Police were in contact with scrap-metal dealers to tackle the sale of stolen copper, Earl said.

The targeted houses were not just in areas badly affected by the earthquake, such as Avonside, but throughout the city.

Read the full article here >>>

I guess this is the perfect time to extend the communal spirit to no just helping each other out physically but also by being on the lookout: an unofficial version of Neighbourhood Watch maybe?


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