Site Review: Dirks Guitar Page – Free Music For Classical Guitar

If you ever thought as a modern player to expand your range and delve into some classical guitar playing beyond the obvious, Dirk Meineke’s page is the place to go.

It is not often that I am so enthusiastic about a site as this one. Most definitely something there for anyone at any level of playing classical guitar. This page is truly a very rich source of classical guitar music, covering the traditional classical pieces and other genres such as Latin and Brazilian music, pop and originals contributed by others all in standard music notation plus tabs. Moreover the songs can be heard in midi which assists in making choices in relation to difficulty and taste.

The homepage very modestly opens with:

On these pages I offer free music for classical guitar. You will find it in three different file formats (TablEdit, PDF, midi), as standard notation and tablature. This way I hope to encourage guitarists to play some of this great music, keep up playing the guitar, pick it up again after not playing for a while or perhaps even to start playing this wonderful instrument at all. Use these files for your personal study and playing, but not for any commercial purposes.

via Dirks Guitar Page – Free Music For Classical Guitar.

My view is that it is a totally awesome site: am that I can recommend for anyone that wants to to explore classical guitar, expand his or her repertoire. Love it! Especially now with the new Savarez strings on my La Patrie classical guitar.

A definitely recommended site. Thanks Dirk!