“Some Normality Restored”: Further Quake and Aftershock Thoughts

This morning the Stuff headlines read: Some normality restored for Christchurch, referring amongst others to the fact that most children are back to school.

Most children will be able to return to school and preschool in Canterbury today, restoring at least some semblance of normality for young people just over a week after the region was struck by a 7.1 magnitute earthquake.

“We want to move from the disaster phase to the recovery and rebuilding phase as quickly as we can.”

Read the rest via via Quake: Some normality restored for Christchurch | Stuff.co.nz.

Be this all what it may be, I did have to fight hard during the aftershocks this morning to not bring everybody back in.Yesterday some normality restored: church back on as well as the Harmony School of Supernatural Ministry. Several times during the afternoon/evening session of the school, what a terrible time to realize I forgot to take my mobile.

And today several considerable aftershocks. I am not comfortable with the idea that my wife is in the center of town in an office on the fourth floor. I had to fight the urge to ask her t come home. I am not comfortable with the idea that my boys are spread around over two schools. Teaching later on and tonight will probably take my mind of things.

Some normality may have been restored in terms of more people doing their usual thing, but somehow it does not quite feel like it yet. I did find that checking Geonet every time does not help in settling down: just when you thought “there was another aftershock” you find that there have been more going on all morning.

Only another half an hour, and  can pick up the boys again, only to leave home for teaching, “furter restoring some normality”. Hmm, a strange day. For now I’ll be glad when the day is over. All close together again and in the meantime I will just trust God for looking after my family.

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