More Random Thoughts and Quake


It’s been a rocky ride, the aftershocks are definitely not helping in settling down and  we find it hard to motivate the kids to go anywhere away from home, especially when not staying all together. More than 270 aftershocks of force 3 or more since Saturday early morning are not helping. But how can you complain knowing that there are the first who lost their jobs, others who lost their retirements and dream houses, part of New Zealand‘s heritage and the list goes on.

Staying calm for the sake of the kids is more difficult, and it is weird when you get on high alert when a truck passes. I pray for endurance, patience, peace and safety or all. Seeing the news coverage I feel guilty being at home with the boys because that’s all they want to be at.


…the wider South Island is welcoming Cantabrians fleeing the region to escape nerve-jangling aftershocks – including a clutch of five overnight.There were five sizable shocks between midnight and 7am, ranging between magnitudes 3.5 and 4.5.There have been two more since 9am, at magnitudes 3.2 and 3.Moteliers in Kaikoura reported Christchurch people arriving looking tired and on edge.”The first thing they say is: ‘Are you getting the aftershocks?’,” one said.Ritchies Intercity buses regional manager Malcolm Budd said the company had fielded desperate calls from people in tears.”They are over it, sick of it. Since the big [aftershock] [yesterday] morning we’ve had an influx of calls from people wanting out of the city.”Kaikoura Gateway Motel operator Sue Wright said a group of more than 30 arrived yesterday without reservations and took 16 rooms.Distraught families are fleeing Christchurch to escape relentless aftershocks, while others turn to counselling and medication to ease their panic.Many parents are sending their terrified children out of town for respite in the wake of yesterday’s shallow 5.1 magnitude aftershock – the strongest of more than 270 tremors above magnitude 3 since Saturday’s devastating 7.1 quake.

Children’s reactions “will depend entirely on how the parents are reacting”, she said. “Children look to the parents to see if the world is safe or not. It is critical that parents are calm. Don’t have children around when you’re panicking.” Christchurch counsellor Pablo Godoy said continual aftershocks were making it hard for people to cope.
“For instance, we had a young person come in. A truck drove past and that rattled the room a little bit – that triggered their fear response.”

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2 thoughts on “More Random Thoughts and Quake

    • 11 aftershocks since midnight last night, we are all getting more resilient. Got a call earlier from someone from church if I could bring him some food. I initially told him bluntly “no I wanted and needed to stay with my family.” But how fair is that and I felt shitty about it so: we went AS A FAMILY to bring him some food, all in the car and together.

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