Amazing Guitar from Botswana

I’ll let the video do the talking. Pleasantly amazed.

It almost felt like watching an African version of August Rush

3 thoughts on “Amazing Guitar from Botswana

  1. This is the moment where we stop and think of ditching technology and a job and traveling the world to see discover these people for ourselves. When the explorers went to discover new places imagine it and dream.

    • My thoughts exactly Mike, and it brought back memories of the market in Barcelona where a guy had a second hand guitar hanging there. When he started playing on it it was more than anyone with a formal music education can grasp. The same applies here. We all bow for the likes of Tommy Emmanuel who is doing things like this lady, but it does not have this “Oh well, this is just how I do this song” factor and the beautiful simplicity of “Just do it” and “having a bit of fun factor” that comes through in this video.

      And don’t get me wrong here but this would by many guitarists, myself included be considered as genius and virtuoso. It’s not just enchanting to see this Botswana Lady playing, she is doing amazing things guitar technically.

      Love and blessings. Just ha another two rocky shakes of over 4 and relatively shallow (5km underground). Just when you thought you could lay down and quietly fall asleep.

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