Photo Journal: Canterbury Museum & Discovery for the Kidz

Ask my youngest what he would like to go and do and at least six out of ten times he’ll want to “go to the Museum” (and museum cafe). And I can but say, we have had some great times there with all the boys.  I remember well the Da Vinci exhibition I went to see with my oldest son.

Museum Experiences

Real New Zealand

There is a good collection of Maori art and tools and the boys always seem fascinated by the live size displays illustrating how the Maori lived and worked.

Real People

All about the people that shaped the history of New Zealand.

Real Life

Nature and natural history of New Zealand.

Real Cool

The Arctic experience.

Real Stories

On how life was and is in Canterbury.

And then there are Real History and Real Design but for the boys there is only one way the visit is complete: a visit to Discovery.

Real Fun

A place where everything can be touched, felt, looked at, experienced. They just love it, and because of that it’s great for the parents as well.

Any visit usually turned out to be a success. Go check it out yourself now: more information here >>>>

Photo Journal: Spring is Color

What I probably enjoy most about spring besides the better temperatures coming out of a cold and wet winter, is the sudden burst of color as a result of the first flowers. I will let the pictures do the talking. Taking up a camera some years ago certainly opened my eyes again. It is so easy to take these things for granted, but if you take a good look around you you can but stand back in awe, even about the simplest ordinary flowers. For me, picking up a camera certainly assisted in being aware again of all the beauty that surrounds us, so easily overlooked.

Nature waking up from its winter sleep. Amazing!