Photo Journal: Spring as a Kingdom Methaphor

It may be me but spring seems to liven me up. Realizing that all day you have not used the log burner (which is, with the current price of wood a joy in itself), playing outside under the stars on my good old “stekkie” which is the Dutch word for a favorite little spot, reading the Bible in the morning sun, I just love getting out of winter.

I never thought about it like this before but spring is actually quite metaphoric for Jesus’ ministry. In His times he did what He did, His Father‘s will and with that he gave us a taste of the Kingdom of God, a Kingdom already here an a Kingdom to come. And he told his disciples that they would be doing even greater things so as make disciples of all nations.

When looking around you, it is not too hard to notice the beauty of the fresh young green, the spring flowers that are coming out. All I can do is be amazed not just about the beauty but also the impact, it so makes you realize that something even better is about to arrive.

Just look at the sheer beauty of what is already there.

All without a doubt a doubt glorious and magnificent. Is it not amazing to see a sleeping or so you wish dead world come alive again.

But at the same time is it not even better to know that it will all be back to life again so we can enjoy it in its full glory.

I can’t wait for it to be summer.

3 thoughts on “Photo Journal: Spring as a Kingdom Methaphor

  1. Hey hey Mike, this is nothing I can boast about. It is God’s work and I am just a messenger. Honestly, I can shoot a pic and I can know things (or so you wish be knowledgeable), but this kind of connections between older and newer pics, that accidentally end up on my desktop as a constant reminder, that has nothing to do with me anymore.

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